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Make a Tutorial Video: Selling Your Own Videos

Make a tutorial video to sell along with your eBooks, Make a Tutorial Videoand you could hit a gold mine of potential wealth. Video is king these days, especially since it’s so easy to watch on almost any mobile device or computer. People like being shown how to do things, not just reading about it. If you’re trying to sell a product that needs some kind of instruction, from building a shed to creating a WordPress blog on your own domain, chances are you’ll have an easier time selling it if you have some instructional videos to go along with it.

Learning how to make a tutorial video isn’t difficult. In fact, if you have the right software, you can do it fairly simply. We’ll touch on a few must-know steps you’ll need to know when creating your own video course.

What You Need to Make a Tutorial Video

When you decide to make a tutorial video, you’ve probably already collected several necessary pieces of equipment or software in your head. If you’re going to make a video about something offline, you’ll need a camera that shoots quality video. If you own an iPhone, Android phone or iPad, then chances are you already have your hands on a high-definition camera.

If not, you can purchase small HD cameras that will do the job, if you’re on a budget. If you can spare no expense on a camera, then purchase one that you can use again for similar purposes. If you want to easily rip the video to your computer, get one that saves what you recorded on a disk, rather than on a tape that you’ll have to manually capture through a fire wire cable.

If you’re making a tutorial video on your computer, such as with a screen capture, then you’ll need a screen capturing software. Camtasia Studio is one of the best on the market, but there are others that you can use as well. You can highlight your mouse and accentuate mouse clicks for more visible instruction. The studio also comes with an editing software you can use to add music, watermarks, scene transitions and more.

You’ll naturally need some type of video editing software regardless. If you choose to get very fancy, you can go with a program like Sony Vegas Movie Studio. If you only do screen captures, the Camtasia Studio is really all you need, but you may feel the need to do more editing with real video footage.

What to Make a Tutorial Video About

Your tutorial video should revolve around the product you plan to sell along with it. Thus, if you’re writing an eBook instructing buyers on how to select keywords, then you might perform keyword selection via screen capture using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool or the WordTracker tool. If you’re selling a book on how to teach yourself guitar, then some step by step instructional videos are a no-brainer.

The possibilities for making tutorial videos are almost endless. You can even make a tutorial video to use as your main selling point, not just as an additional bonus to your main product.

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