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Look Around the Videos, Not at the Videos…

Google mentions being able to advertise “around” videos in their content network, and I’d like to just go over this with video_adveritsing_around_videosyou, as I’ve written a post in the main blog about the other aspects of Google video advertising. The most powerful medium right now on the web has to be video. With fast streaming videos being delivered to us day in day out on massively hit sites, we are spoiled for choice of great videos to watch, either at work or at home. It’s no surprise then, that marketers have been looking for easy ways into this for some time, and a few have really capitalized on it.

The best way to really capitalize in a market, is to understand it first. By advertising using the pay per click model, you are effectively giving yourself a target. You are costing a marketing plan, and you need to make a return, or else lose money. On the internet, this is a big thing. We can have a website up in seconds nowadays, and its virtually free to do so. Naturally, PPC can be expensive, so you have to do your homework.


  • “Placement target video-oriented sites with a variety of ad formats, including standard text ads and image ads. This allows you to supplement your in-stream or InVideo advertising by targeting other placements on sites where users typically engage with video.
  • Set up a placement targeted campaign, choose keywords like “video” as your topic, and then start placement targeting video-oriented sites.”
    Source: Google Adwords

The video watching market is not totally dissimilar to the people who trawl blogs or any other medium on the net, in that they are looking for content, mostly to entertain themselves. If they are watching videos, then they are looking at and for entertainment. It’s no good trying to sell them life insurance when they are looking at a video of a guy throwing a custard pie in someone’s face, right? You have to think like the viewer, and try to interpret who they are, and get into their mindset. Great products for video sites are tshirts, games, DVD’s, and other such products that are associated with entertainment.

Let’s think about it logically. The new Susan Boyle album is about to be launched. You get a quick niche site built, which is a fan site for Susan Boyle. You create a quick display ad for Susan’s album (which is to be launched the same day). You have your ad as a placement on music video sites, and on the day of launch, you will be in front of Susan Boyle fans, who are more than likely buying her new album in the near future. This is REAL targeting.

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