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Local Contacts: They Really Do Matter

Local contacts are way more important local contactsthan most internet marketers will lead you to believe. I know, I know, you think that because you’re promoting a website, you can do everything on the web and you no longer need those real-life schmucks. But let me tell you something from years of experience – you DO need those local contacts, and in more ways than you might think.

Local contacts are your ticket to instant trust. Whereas in the online world, you have to earn trust by working your way through customer skepticism by posting real-looking testimonials and videos, offering plenty of free products, coaching and a whole host of other nonsense that you can practically circumvent entirely, simply by promoting your sites to local contacts first, then letting them take it from there.

Local Contacts: Making the Connection

You might wonder where you start out finding these local contacts. After all, if you’re like a majority of internet marketers, you live a lot of your life in the online world, you stare at nothing but a computer half the day, and your spouse has to physically yank you away from the keyboard at unearthly hours of the night. In other words, you have no social life, and no social contacts.

We’re about to fix that. As much as you think your blog improvement might come through the latest social media tactics, it doesn’t if you have no idea how to connect with real people. So from one computer addict to another, here’s how it works.

Local contacts come to you through – guess what? – LOCAL venues. I started at a recreation center that is fairly popular in my town. Granted, I live in a fairly populated area, where it’s not uncommon to find plenty of people at a cardio class after a day at work, but even if you live in the boonies, there’s usually something around that will provide the hungry audience you’re looking for.

Once you find a place that attracts a fairly healthy supply of victims, or rather, customers, you need to get up the courage to just chat them up. That’s right. Turn on your sales skills and open yourself up to people. Hey, no one said it was easy, but if you want to make money, you must start with people. And these people happen to be the local contacts you need to get your project off the ground.

Spreading the Word to Your Local Contacts

You’re not a car salesman now, so don’t shove your product down their throats right away. But keep an eye out for a natural opening in conversation that will direct attention to your blog. Inevitably, someone will ask what you do for a living. Tell them about your project, and hand them a business card that you made with your domain listed under your name. Eventually, you’ll talk to these local contacts enough that you’ll start to get a trickle of traffic flowing in. Invite them to your social media, and they’ll likely share your blog or site on their Facebook or Twitter page with their own local contacts. Before you know it, you’ll have a network of lots of local contacts to draw from for a customer base.


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