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LinkedIn for Business: The #1 Platform for $10,000 Deals

If you’re targeting professionals, high net worth individuals or companies, LinkedIn is where you need to be. Don’t think of LinkedIn as just a hiring tool or just an HR tool. It’s much, much more than that. Using LinkedIn, you can get your products or services in front of real decision makers.LinkedIn for Business

Who is LinkedIn Good For?

LinkedIn is good for making high value connections. If you’re selling a $10 product, LinkedIn probably isn’t the right marketing avenue for you.

On the other hand, if you’re selling $10,000 corporate trainings, or you’re looking for global distributors, or you’re looking for investors, then LinkedIn is just the place to be.

Where to Start: Details, Details, Details

With LinkedIn, it’s really the details that matter. Start by filling out your profile or company page. Make it as complete as possible. Then, pay attention to the details:

  • Get endorsements and recommendations. The more the better. Get people to be specific.
  • Tag your skills. Look at how others in your industry are tagging their skills and do the same.
  • Choose the right keywords. Again, see how others in your industry are choosing their keywords and choose accordingly. This is crucial as you want to show up high in the LinkedIn search engine.
  • Choose pictures that capture attention. Have well-lit, professionally taken photographs.

The Key to Success: Stand Out

See what everyone else in your industry is doing. Then do something different.

For example, if everyone is just using text, you might try standing out by adding a video. Videos can build a lot of trust in a short period of time.

Make your profile memorable. Make people stop and read when they come to your page.

SEO Your Page or Profile

LinkedIn profiles are inherently great for search engines. LinkedIn puts an enormous amount of money into SEO every year. By having a page or profile, you basically have an SEO springboard to launch from. They’re already building backlinks and optimizing your pages for you.

Build links to your page to increase your chances of ranking. LinkedIn profiles and pages are easy to rank, so take advantage of that.

Start Your Own Group

Start a group in your industry. If there’s already a large group, start a group around a sub-topic of your industry. Leading a group is a great way to build visibility and make high value connections.

When you start a group, market that group to everyone on your list. Market it to your other social media channels. Ask people to join your group directly. It may take a couple months to gain traction, but at a certain point the group will grow on its own.

Build Personal Relationships

Pay attention to the people joining your groups. Who are they? Look up their profiles. If you think they may be a valuable connection, reach out to them. Say “Hi!” Develop a connection. Who knows? Some day they may turn into a client or investor.


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