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Leveraging Ezine Article Expert Authors

Ezine articles is a phenominally powerful place to advertise your websites, and affiliate products. With millions of daily ezineviews, the site is so powerful that Google will often rank their pages higher than fully equipped websites that are supposedly authority sites. You can also find articles on just about any subject, that are both well written, and quite detailed.

This is usually down to Ezine’s fairly strict policy, and well educated editors. Article marketing can explode your SEO methods, and is great for any kind of niche. But have you been doing it all wrong?

The first thing you need to understand with this method, is that it is very simple to do, and anyone can do it. Secondly, you also need to know that you will never need to write another article as long as you use this method. Also, to my knowledge, nobody else is selling or marketing this method – so you have got a very good little trick to add to your arsenal for free!

To begin this method, you will need to find a very good article on Ezine, that has 10,000+ views, and you will also need notepad open.

Let’s assume you have a relationships themed website. Go to Google, and search for:

girlfriend site:ezinearticles.com “Viewed 1000..100000 times” “Submitted On: * *, 2012”

This will show you all the articles mentioning ‘girlfriend’ in them, submitted last year, viewed more than 10,000 times. Check which ones are related to your blog, and could quite easily have a link to your site, and be relevant.

One of the results is by a writer called Alexander Stern. He runs a relationship blog, and this article is pointed right at it. Now what we are going to do is monitor his article for a week. Simply copy and paste the URL and paste into notepad. Next to this, write the number of views. Continue copying and pasting a few articles to monitor over a week.

After one week: The articles that have the highest number of visitors in a week are your targets. You are now going to follow each link, to each blog, and get in touch with the author. This next bit is very simple:

You are going to rent the Resources box from the author for a month. Simply email them asking if they would be interested in renting the box for $20 for one month (base this figure on the amount of revenue you would expect to receive from the number of visits per week). From experience, about half will reply. And a further half will agree. So if you contact 10 authors, you will have 2 or 3 articles getting massive traffic to your blog for about $60 per month. This represents great value if you have products with good profit.

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  1. This code does no longer work, i have tried in all browsers, is there an updated current method of finding most viewed articles?
    Daniel Warren

    • Hi Daniel,

      Yes that code is a bit outdated but I just updated it with the new version for their changes. For example you could do: acne site:ezinearticles.com “Viewed 1000..100000 times” “Submitted On: * *, 2012”

      All the best


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