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Learning to Take Action


The most over-used two words in the internet marketing arena is “take action”. Unfortunately, they do not carry the same weight as they did the first time anyone read them, and the statistics are pretty startling for marketers, as to how many people actually take their stuff and put it to good use. The only real way to get your clients buying from you again, and making sure you have super high retention in your lists, is to ensure they do actually take action. The amount of pressure you put on your clients is up to you, and there’s no crime in writing personal emails to some, rather than standard autoresponder emails that they receive every single day in their inbox.


People buy information products for many different reasons. For some, it’s to get them out of a financial situation, and they see the “next big thing” as being their ticket out, without really understanding that they have to put in some effort. There are no magic bullets, and there are no eBooks that magically put everything into practice the minute the last page is read. There is a great deal of buyers remorse in the internet marketing industry, as people soon come to realize that they have spent money on a product, that they do not have the skill level to take further. Before people get to this stage, its up to you to get in touch and help them break the cycle of buying products, and letting them gather virtual dust.

As soon as you have sold a product, the next thing you should be doing is sending out a follow up, around 24 hours to 48 hours later, and asking if they need any HELP. Few people will ask for help. They will read a paragraph three or four times, and if it still hasn’t made sense, they will move on and further confuse themselves. What’s worse is, they may take action, but leave out an important ingredient of your system because it was too hard to implement. If you send out an email that says “If you do not understand something, please ask”, then they are going to be more willing to get out of the bad habit of “muddling through”.

It’s not really clear why people don’t ask for help. Maybe they get stuck in the rut because they have been let down previously by marketers, and they think they are not going to get the assistance they need. It would be good to actually reach out to these people and restore their faith in internet marketing. If you are the one that helps them get anywhere close to where they want to be, then you can guarantee that customer will stay with you for a long time.

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