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Learn SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn SEO before you launch your website, PPC campaign or blog. Learn SEOOtherwise,  you could stunt your site’s traffic growth by submitting a less-than-optimal website to the search engines prematurely. Many website owners get a little too gung-ho about their new websites and want to launch it as soon as they have the first page formatted. Avoid getting trigger happy on that “publish to web” button, and read ahead for a few tips on how to learn SEO before launching.

Why is it important to learn SEO? As soon as you upload the files to your blog or website, you give Google the opportunity to “crawl” it with their robots. If your site is mostly unfinished, you’ll give Google the wrong impression about what’s to come. They’ll see a lack of content and depth and will likely avoid putting it in the top search results – for a while, anyway.

Learn SEO Dimensions for Websites

You should learn SEO strategies, at least some basic ones, before even creating your content. First, let’s take a look at your site dimensions. A lot of developers like to focus on what’s “above the fold” – in other words, what a viewer sees first when they visit your site before scrolling down for additional content.

This area is generally a 1024 by 768 pixels, ideally speaking, if you have a website that pretty much just provides content and minimal scripts. Not everyone has a huge computer monitor to work with, so making a huge website won’t allow their monitors to display it optimally. Obviously, the size may need to differ if you find that this is not wide enough for everything you need, but stay within close parameters so you don’t have a lot of visitors scrolling side to side as well as up and down.

Learn SEO Practices for Content

Learn SEO practices for written content prior to actually publishing articles on your website. You can get the entire design up before ever writing your first piece, so this can be the last step if you need it to be.

When you learn SEO strategies, you’ll find that keywords are a big part of not only your content, but also any page titles, the domain name, the META tags and the alternate text of images. You can also distinguish between overall site keywords (like those you’ll find in the domain name and META tags) and the keywords you use on an everyday basis for things like images and written content.

It’s not only important to learn SEO for an individual website, you need to learn SEO practices so you build good habits. Because once you get into the habit of operating a certain way, it can be hard to break it and start over fresh.

You can even see what other sites do to establish good SEO credibility in order to learn SEO. By right clicking on their web page and selecting “View HTML,” you can take a peek at a good portion of the code involved in creating the page. Pay special attention to the META tags, keywords, alternate text and footer text to see where they’re placing keywords. In other words, looking at the sites of those who have gone before you is a great way to learn SEO.

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