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Lead Generation Technology

Lead generation is made much easier via the use of technologies and software specifically designed to optimize the process and make it more effective. Many of the technologies currently being used are making it much easier to capture, track and manage consumer information. Most of them do it in a way that makes it a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

The consumer will appreciate the more streamlined methods of communication and advertising, while the company doing the marketing will benefit from the upgrade in efficiency. When technology steps in, everybody wins. Here‘s what you need to know about the top lead generating technologies and programs on the market.

Lighten the Load with All-Encompassing Software

There is a wide range of software programs out that are able to take your lead generation to the next level. Marketing professionals from various industries use lead generation technology to streamline and improve the process. There are all kinds of software programs available for different industries that help to consolidate information and optimize your use of consumer data. These programs also help to organize, track, and automate communication with the consumers.

Lead generation software often offers a wide range of capabilities. Although some software specializes in specific areas, they still offer a way to connect data collection to data management, as well as customer relationship management. When all of these data points can be combined in one place, it is much easier to analyze the data and make use of it appropriately. Using one platform to bring clients, advertisers, affiliates, vendors and sales team members together is an efficient way to compare notes and make sure that things are not slipping through the cracks.

The Importance of Measuring ROI

Measuring ROI, or return on investment, is known as one of the most important factors that can be tracked to ensure the success of a company’s marketing campaigns. Being able to accurately measure is the success of a marketing effort can make a big difference in the way a company does their marketing. Knowing if a campaign or initiative was successful or not can assure the marketing team that everything is on the right track. It will also expose inefficiencies in marketing campaigns so marketing can adjust their tactics. The main issue with the ROI measurement process is how difficult it is to accurately measure the effectiveness of a marketing program. This complicated process is made easier by lead generation software.

The Lenskold Group did a marketing study on ROI tracking and found that approximately 2 out of 3 companies do not track any ROI or they simply use basic single attribution tracking. Multi-touch attribution is what will take into account all of the steps that lead up to action. By implementing multi-touch, it is much easier to figure out what marketing approaches are more effective. Multi-touch is a more in-depth and complicated process, so a good way to measure all of the data it tracks is through software and other programs that are designed specifically for that purpose. These technologies will be able to organize and streamline the process while saving time and money.

Keeping Customers Happy

Another important capability of lead management software is customer relationship management, or CRM. The relationship your business keeps with current customers will largely impact the success of the company. CRM capabilities should include sales, marketing and customer service. Everything that involves customer relations can be streamlined by software that keeps track of customer communications across all departments.

The software can also make it easier to get customers to interact on different levels of the business. CRM capabilities will personalize each customer’s experience and be proactive in contacting customers at the right times and in the correct context. It can also help to predict what they will want or need next based on analytics and internal data.

Automate the Up-Sell

The traditional way to upsell is less practical when selling and marketing on multiple platforms. Automating this process is a great method that many businesses are exploring and finding great success with. Not only does automation of the up-sell take out the potentially awkward human factor, it can be timed precisely to send the pitch when the best times for up-sells occur. There are generic up-sells and then there are more personalized and creative ones. The more personalized ones work better when automated and streamlined because of their more complicated nature.

General up-selling can be automated easily since it usually comes by season and it can be a general message to all consumers. These types of up-sells usually come as reminders by season or around holidays and suggest general products that relate to those seasons or occasions. Personal up-selling would be recommending products that customers have viewed on the site or put in their cart or wish list. Up-sells can also be timed in relation to the consumer’s birthday or a local event.

These types of up-sells tend to generate more consistent leads. The benefit of automation is clear in this case because these technologies will be tracking each individual consumer and paying attention to their actions. The messages will be triggered with a built in rule to reach out to the consumer with offers and reminders that are personal and specific to them.


Marketing software has many methods and features that can benefit marketing campaigns so it’s important to fully explore the potential of these technologies. All of the functions they perform may not be necessary due to the specific type of marketing initiative or the business. The software and technologies available can accommodate a range of different projects so it’s helpful to try out a few different methods.

A business could possibly check to see what similar businesses are using and what has been working for them. Automation software and marketing tracking programs are very comprehensive, which can make things easier but also complicate them as well. The complication comes when a lot of factors that are not necessarily relevant and possibly unimportant are tracked and falsely attributed as a cause or effect of something. Being aware of what exactly needs to be tracked in the specifics of the marketing campaign can help narrow down the type of technology used to carry out the tracking and compiling of the data.



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