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Lead Generation: Make a Cold Prospect Sizzling Hot

There are many facets involved when it comes to marketing. For those who have been in the field of a long time or are new, it is easy to realize that a great deal of work and research is involved. One particularly challenging part of marketing is lead generation.

Lead generation is the process of creating consumer interest and converting that interest into sales leads through using tools like newsletters, emails, subscriptions, and other marketing tools. There are many stages to lead generation, but the most important stage is turning cold prospects into hot prospects or sales leads. If you’re at this stage and need some help, then below you’ll find the top tips to help you along.

Targeted Tasks for the Right Individuals

Of any step that you take, organization is the most important. In marketing and in any other field, you’ll find that individuals in your team are specifically qualified to do a certain task very well. When organizing your team for this job, you want to pinpoint who is good at what task and you want to assign them to that task. For example, figure out who is best at in-bound lead qualification, deal closing, out-bound prospecting, and account management.

Once you decipher who does what well, you can assign tasks to each individual and provide them with the incentives to reach the best results possible. Aside from this team to manage, you also want to touch base with other areas of your sales funnel and make sure that everyone knows what task they are assigned to for the overall project.

By organizing and designating specific roles, you’ll be able to increase the chance of getting the results that you need for turning cold prospects into hot ones.

Analyze Your Target Market

Organization seeps into almost every aspect of the process. The next phase is to analyze your target market. Too often marketing companies will misunderstand their target market or target a market that is wholly irrelevant to the product or service that they are marketing.

Your team should work together to determine who is the ideal consumer and what are the best ways to reach that consumer. The persona that is created will help provide information regarding the persona’s motivations, interests, mentality, and day-to-day issues that may arise.

By understanding these particular features, your team will be better able to target the right market and turn that market into hot prospects when the time comes.

Aggressive Targeting

Some marketing firms will advocate for a soft target approach while others will push for an aggressive method. In most cases though, an aggressive approach is always best. Soft targeting may overlook certain portions of the target market or fail to reach certain individuals that may be interested.

Therefore, when targeting your target market, develop a business plan and execute it. With a plan, you can save your brand time and money and ensure that the overall goal of the business process is being met.

Teach Your Staff

Not every company believes in using cold calling as an effective strategy. The main reason behind this that many companies are tossing their staff into the process of cold calling without providing them with the proper training, guidance, and especially without the right script.

Before beginning the cold call process, it is crucial to make sure that you have the right individuals who have sufficient experience and tact at sales calls. The script should also be developed to reflect what your target market wants to hear and what is going to be most effective at causing them to purchase your product or service.At the end of the day, the investment in this step is going to be what leads you to turn your cold leads into hot prospects.

Warm Up the Target Market

One tip that you can give to your sales team is to warm up the target market. This essentially means to warn them not to go into the cold call with an aggressive approach by immediately asking the potential buyer if they’d be interested in the product. Sometimes, people just like to have a conversation and to be warmed up before being pitched a sale.

By trying to connect with the buyer, your sales team increases the chance that the potential buyer will be interested in the product and purchase it. Another crucial point to keep in mind is that the word “no” does hold a lot of weight.

If the potential buyer is simply not interested, it is better to understand and to simply move on to the next person on the list. Pushing individuals to purchase a product or service is the surest way to hurt your business by giving individuals the opportunity to discuss with their friends and family how rude your business was.

Hand off the Call to a Sales Professional

Once your cold lead becomes a hot prospect, the next step you need to guide your team to do is to hand the call off to a sales professional. While the individuals that are making the calls may be apt at warming the cold call up and informing the target market about the product, the sales professional will be able to close the deal with ease because they have experience in the matter.

To best ensure that your process runs as smoothly as possible, have an execution plan in place and make sure that everyone is fulfilling their role. You could also institute a manager to help with significant issues that may arise so that you do not lose business.


Overall, the process of turning a cold call into a hot prospect is not as challenging as it seems, especially when you and your team has the right plan in place. By taking the necessary steps, you can turn your brand into the success that that you have been aiming for. Just don’t forget to delegate and delate well to your staff.

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