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Lead Conversion for Social Media

Coming up with an effective and worthwhile marketing campaign isn’t always easy. Actually, it is one of the most challenging things that you can accomplish for a business. Marketers use many forms of marketing to generate clients and sales for businesses, but it is no secret that lead conversion is one of the best methods to employ.

At the end of the day, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms only go so far in helping your company achieve the marketing results that it needs to truly succeed in today’s marketplace. Lead conversion is the next step, the one that rookies graduate into.

What is Lead Conversion

Before being able to implement lead conversion, it is imperative to understand what lead conversion is. Lead conversion is a strategy that most businesses struggle with because it is an elusive topic and sometimes difficult to understand. In general, a “lead” is much like the word implies – a person or another business that is contact your business in order to purchase the products or services that you have to offer.

The leads that your business often come from viewing your website and the contact information attached. However, as you’ve probably realized, this is the least viable way to gain conversions. There are many other moves that your business can make to help generate leads and improve business prospects. T

aking lead conversion seriously is vital if you truly want to help your business grow. Once new leads come in, the leads will follow up with potential sales interests, and those interests eventually materialize into successful sales that generate business.

Lead Conversion for Social Media – The Proper Platforms

The first step in using social media for your lead conversion is to identify which social media platforms are the most appropriate. In general, you want to use a social media platform that reflects your business well. For example, if your business primarily has a female audience, then Pinterest may be the most suitable social media site.

On the other hand, if your business is geared toward working professionals, then perhaps LinkedIn or Twitter may be the most appropriate. You always want to keep your audience and objective in mind when choosing a social media site.

Increase Followers

Once you choose a social media platform that works well with your product or service and the audience interested in those products or services, then you want to do your best to increase the followers. The more followers you have, the greater the chance you will be able to increase your lead conversion rate on your social media account.

You should take the time and dedicate the energy to growing your followers by sharing content that your target audience is interested in. The content you share can be articles, podcasts, pictures, simple short posts, or anything related to the product or topic of your business.

When targeting followers, you also should make sure that you are targeting followers who are in the same areas as your business. This will ensure that you’re gaining the right audience and that your lead conversion strategy will be successful.

Build a Strong Profile

Another step that you can take to increase your lead conversion rate using your social media account is to build a strong business profile. Your profile is one of the main elements that your followers are going to see and that will help them determine whether your business is worth using or investing in.

Your social media account profile should have information about your business, contact information, how your services or products can help, and a call to action that is going to be of interest to your followers. You should also push followers to contact your business by having a “contact us” portion.

If possible, feature pictures of your most popular products or also add some testimonials from satisfied clients who don’t mind sharing their success stories regarding your services. Taking these steps at the onset of starting your social media profile will improve your chances of a successful marketing strategy for lead generation.

Attention to Different Clients

Sometimes, it is also good to offer your potential leads a “taste” of your service of product in order to hook and bait them into a long-term relationship. These “tastes” can come in the form of webinars, free trials, consultations, estimates, or a test product.

At the end of the day, while it may be a bit costly for your business to offer these kinds of promotions, the promotions are an effective method to gaining the strong leads that your business needs. These leads will also most likely have a long-lasting relationship and allow you to gain more followers in the long term.

Constantly Review the Results

When it comes to marketing, it is imperative to view the results so that you know how to tweak your campaign or to switch your strategy. With your lead generation campaign on social media, you want to view weekly reports on how the lead generation campaign is going. If you aren’t having the successful results that you set out for yourself, then there is possibly something you are doing wrong.

You may not be targeting the right market, you may be using the wrong social media platform, or there may be a range of other reasons. By viewing your strategy and changing it, you’ll be able to better poise your marketing campaign into a position that is going to give the business the results that it needs.

Lead generation isn’t difficult, but it does take the investment and time that most other marketing campaigns don’t. If you’re able to do the lead generation campaign well though, the results can be highly profitable.


Overall, by taking the above points into consideration when building your lead generation strategy, you can make your next social media campaign the one that your business needs. You may also want to employ a marketer who has experience with lead generation campaigns and who has designed a strong and successful strategy.

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