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Latest Marketing Strategies

According to forecasters, 2015 is a great year for startups, film, television, music, and yes – even marketing. This year’s marketing strategies are not only a drastic evolution from past years, but they are also meant to be more effective at helping marketing professionals reach their marketing and branding goals.

The following are the latest marketing strategies and tools for business so that you can take the right steps regarding your own marketing and branding plans. By adopting the right strategies, you can take your business to the next level, whether it be in revenue, customer acquisition, branding, and so much more.

Mobile Optimization

In 2015, the phrase “mobile optimization” has become especially strong and for good reason – consumers are using mobile technology more than ever, which means that your brand is increasingly becoming influenced by such technology. As a result, one of the most important marketing strategies of 2014 is to  make sure that your website is mobile optimized.

The large population that surfs the web using mobile technology is looking for something different – information that is easy to understand, quick to read, and readily digestible. When your website is mobile optimized, you stand to gain not only from greater conversion, but also purchases of your services or products. Current statistics indicate that mobile users are much more likely to purchase via mobile technology compared to desktop technology.

Keep Up with Changing Algorithms

Over the past few months, those who have been following may have noticed that Google has changed its algorithms not once, but a few times. April and May were the key months for updates, months which included the ‘phantom’ algorithm change and ‘mobilegeddon.’ These changes not only reflect significant moves that affect the marketing, brand, and website industry, but also a lesson – as a marketer, it is imperative to track Google’s algorithms.

By understanding the changes that are poised to happen, will ensure that your website ranks well in the search rankings or is mobile optimized according to Google’s algorithms. Therefore, to improve your marketing strategy, the best advice for 2015 is to anticipate the changes before they occur. You’ll save yourself and your brand less work, disorganization, and stress.

Linked-In Groups

Another marketing tactic that is worthwhile to adopt is to develop, join, and be active in Linked-In groups. Linked-In has become one of the most powerful tools not only for job-seekers, but also brands. The social networking website allows brands to present themselves in a professional manner and also develop groups that may be relevant to their end users.

The strategy here would be to create a Linked-In group for your brand, issue a weekly newsletter, and to post updates regarding your brand’s latest developments and so forth. One of the best aspects of this strategy is that it is completely costless for your brand and business. This makes Linked-In groups an especially excellent solution for brands that are just starting out or small businesses that may not have the marketing budget to really complete well.

Find a Way to Link to a Local Community Issue

While your brand may operate at a nationwide level, connecting to issues at the community level can work wonders for your brand in terms of SEO and customer loyalty. The trick is to write a news article or some sort of content article about an event or issue that is taking place at the local level. By reaching into issues at the local level, individuals who are searching for information regarding these issues will also view and read your content, thereby increasing your search rankings and brand recognition.

Maintain a Blog for Your Business

Blogs get a bad rap because many individuals think that they don’t offer any value. Pushing blogs off your marketing strategy list means that you’re missing out on a strategy that is just about costless, but very effective. The key is to keep your blog constantly updated and to post content that is relevant to your brand’s customers and potential customers.

Individuals who read your blog content will be able to benefit from reading about new product updates, information about your brand’s industry, and even good news like how your brand is doing in the social cause realm. Getting this type of information out has massive benefits for your brand.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool in 2015, especially if you know how to use it. More and more users are looking to view content through the easiest and most convenient mediums possible and online videos are the prime way to do so. As a result, it is effective for your brand to maintain a YouTube channel where you can post videos about the brand, about its users, and other relevant information.

If you do decide to go the video marketing route, then make sure to get a specialized agency to provide you with some creative and interesting solutions for your videos. With the right amount of creativity, you can ensure that your brand stands out from the competition in video marketing.

From Globalization to Personalization

Finally, another very popular marketing tactic of 2015 is the move from globalization to personalization. More and more marketing professionals are seeing marketing as not something that needs to appeal to global audiences, but that needs to be personalized to the needs of the consumers. By personalizing marketing tactics, marketing professionals are better able to create campaigns that have more appeal and that are more effective for the long term.


Overall, but implementing this marketing tactic and those listed above, you’ll be able to make 2015 one of the most successful years for your marketing campaigns. By making this year go right, you’ll prepare yourself better for the years and trends to come. When adopting these campaign tactics, also keep in mind that you should make sure that the tactic is appropriate for your business. What works for one brand may not be the best solution for the other. As a result, tweak for your own purposes.

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