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Top 3 Keyword Selection Tools for Internet Marketing

Selecting the correct keywords for a new marketing campaign is integral to success. An easy method is to find keywords that are relevant to your product or service that have low competition and high search volume.

This can easily be done with some time, creativity, and Google’s Keyword Planner. However, Google’s Keyword Planner has certain limitations that may not make it suitable for more in depth research. There is much more to keyword selection than search volume and basic competition.

For those that are more serious about keyword research, there are alternatives that may be more suitable for certain campaigns. Today, we are going to cover a few of these keyword selection tools that can help boost your keyword research to the next level, allowing you to find the most profitable keywords available that also fit your specific needs.

Ispionage – Ispionage is a keyword analysis tool that allows users to compare the data of competitors with your own. This tool is packed with tons of features that can help create the most profitable PPC (pay per click) and search engine result campaigns possible.

One nifty trick that many marketers use when launching a new campaign is to reverse engineer the competition. This means that you take what is working for the competition and do the same, while coming up with new ways to improve upon it in the process. For instance, knowing exactly what Adwords ads the competitor is running and what keywords they are targeting within those ads can give you insight into what is already working within the industry. It is allowing you to piggy back off the research that your competitors have already done. Ispionage is the perfect tool for this.

SEMrush – The next tool on our list is one of the most popular among marketers. SEMrush gives in-depth analysis of keywords used by the competition. Whereas Ispionage is outstanding for improving PPC campaigns, SEMrush will help improve not only paid traffic campaigns, but organic traffic as well. The information SEMrush provides is pertinent in seeing what keywords the competition is using and which ones are actually producing within the search results.

The Adwords research feature is similar to that of Ispionage, but slightly less in-depth. The developers of SEMrush also created the SEOquake add-on that can be used for Mozilla, Firefox, or Google Chrome users to instantly analyze sites whenever a search is conducted. If you are looking for a tool that has multiple uses — organic, PPC, and competitor analysis — SEMrush is at the top of the keyword analysis food chain.

SEMCompete – Yet another valuable tool that can be utilized is SEMCompete. The pricing feature is what sets this program apart from the others as it is by far the most affordable option. SEMCompete offers many of the same basic features as Ispionage and SEMrush, but at as low as $49 a month, which is a steal. SEMCompete does an outstanding job of presenting the information in an easily understood format by laying out the Adwords and keyword data of competitors side by side. This allows users to digest all of the information at once to reach an informed decision instead of having to flip from page to page like the other tools. Similar to SEMrush, SEMCompete has an add-on for Firefox and Chrome users named SERPTrends, which is a valuable asset in and of itself.

The only major downside of SEMCompete is that the other two tools go beyond the basic information, whereas SEMCompete does not. For most, the extra information may only serve as a distraction and might not be required, while for others it is a must.

The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong tool. Each has its pros and cons and specializes in different areas. It’s important to find the tool that best suits your needs and simply run with it.


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