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Is Unique Content Dead or Dying?

Again, one of the hot debated topics is finding content for your niche blog. Whether you are selling information, or merelyrip-unique-content providing it free, with contextual ads on your site, you need a daily dose of content that your readers return for again and again. We all like to see relevant topics hitting our inbox, and we all like to see content that is UNIQUE.

It is very difficult to balance the whole unique vs. regular content weights on our shoulders, but eventually you get into the swing of visiting certain places for ideas, and those ideas then turn into great blog content. If you look at all the top blogs on Technorati, like ProBlogger for example, the content is mostly written by 3rd parties. All that ProBlogger need to do is manage that content on a regular basis, rather than come up with it. If you cannot get writers to write on your blog, that’s ok – there’s still a million and one topics you can cover easily, if you do some hardcore fast research.

One place you can find great ideas for your blog, and is often overlooked, is over at Digg. There’s numerous ways to find a topic to write about, and there’s numerous topics too. If you niche is internet marketing, and you need to find a hot topic, head over to Digg first of all, and search for a keyword in your niche : http://digg.com/

If you sort by most recent news, you will see that the majority of these topics have just one “Digg”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is no good, just that it hasn’t gone viral or been shared much. However, you will find that lots of these Diggs link to spammy sites, or sites simply promoting other sites. Ideally, you want some popular stories that you can get ideas from.

On the left, simply select Diggs from the last month, and click the Digg Count of 100+. This will give you both recent and popular topics.

Once you have found a good Digg topic, it would be a great idea to then take the URL, and paste it into a keyword density checker, so you can search for other related terms in the news. SEO Book has a great tool over there : http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density/ which displays the count of all the most popular keywords on a page. You can take the keywords from this, and enter them into Digg or Google news, and get further content, to use as a spin off (or second episode) of your blog post.

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