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Is Print Marketing Dead?

Today, there are many professionals who have a great deal to say about print marketing, especially when it comes to its decline. But, one of the main questions that is currently arising among those same professionals is whether the initial notion about print marketing’s decline was correct.

There currently is a great deal of evidence suggesting that print advertising is not in decline, but is instead evolving and becoming more influential among today’s consumer. The increase and success of print marketing bodes well for many brands, especially small ones because print marketing is still a relatively cheap and highly effective method to successfully market your brand.

But, as most marketing professionals will admit, the success of your print marketing campaign truly depends on thinking out of the box and being creative.

Print Lasts a Long Time

There are many reasons to adopt print marketing, but one of the most solid reasons is that print marketing is a tangible medium. When you provide consumers with print marketing, whether it is through a brochure, magazine, pamphlet, or poster, the print marketing is something that will stay with the consumer and lasts a long time.

In addition, the print marketing can be placed in offices, homes, and other areas for numerous people to see. This way, your marketing materials gain a high level of visibility among the consumer, thus increasing your potential target market.

Brand Establishment

Another advantage of using print for your marketing purposes is that print mediums are able to provide your brand with more credibility and legitimacy among the consumer. When brands are regulated to only technological mediums, the consumer is unable to fully grasp the existence of the brand.

Print also allows you to utilize design, colors, and images in a much more creative way. For example, you can easily put your brand up on a billboard or circulate flyers for your brand.

Stand Out From Competition

One of the main goals of your brand should be to stand out and set yourself apart from the competition. This is the surest way to gain success as a brand and to establish popularity among the market that you are targeting. When it comes to print marketing, the reality is, not many brands take advantage of this medium.

Brands largely believe that print marketing is outdated and unattractive compared to the digital marketing ads that they can provide. Fortunately, when it comes to marketing, you should not make such an assumption. Rather than follow the trend, you can easily help set your brand apart from the competition by using print marketing materials.

Potential customers will be impressed of your unique approach and may even be more likely to buy into your brand and the services or products that it provides its customers. If you really want a highly effective print marketing campaign, you could always try a nationwide billboard marketing campaign or a newsletter campaign. These moves are bound to attract customers and get your brand out there.

Attracts Those Who Do Not Use the Web

Believe it or not, there are many individuals out there who have yet to try using the internet. While this target market is usually comprised of older folk, those in that target market can provide your brand with something that fewer markets can – brand loyalty.

When you are marketing your brand to older individuals, you are targeting a group that is known for its loyalty and unwillingness to compromise when it comes to choosing brands that they love. If you are able to target, attract, and keep an older generation as your brand’s customer, you have a highly beneficial group buying into your brand and its products.

The Most Cost Effective Option

Another significant advantage to choosing print marketing, especially for a smaller brand, is that print marketing is highly cost effective and usually leads to a return on the investment. With print marketing, you can print flyers, posters, and brochures for a very good price.

By utilizing a marketing medium that is relatively cheap, you’ll also be able to bombard the market with your print marketing materials. This allows more notice of your product to get out and spread, helping to increase your brand awareness and hopefully, its popularity.

The Benefit of Your Product

Print marketing allows you to be more creative than other forms of marketing. When you use print marketing, you want to make sure that you are as brief and to the point as possible. This means, the best thing for you to do is to display your product or service in an appealing manner and list the benefits that your product has to offer.

If anything, try to think of this as a sales pitch that is going to apply to the reader. The call to action should also provide your brand’s contact information of where individuals are able to find and purchase the products or services. By making the print marketing ads as informative as possible, you make it easier and more likely that the consumer is going to call or buy the brand.

Always Have a Plan

Lastly, when you use print marketing or any other marketing method, you want to make sure that you have a plan in place. Simply creating flyers or print ads is not going to be effective or useful. You need to know what you and your staff are going to do once demand spikes or once people reach out requesting information about your brand.

Taking the initiative and planning ahead is one of the moves that is going to turn your brand into a successful one among your customers and potential consumers.


Clearly, print marketing isn’t dead, but very much alive. By utilizing the above tips, you can cheaply turn your next marketing campaign into one that is going to get the job done and reach out to the target market that you are looking to harness. Just don’t forget to be creative in the p

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