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Is Kajabi the Answer to Your Prayers?

There is much speculation, in the last week of pre-launch, that Kajabi’s price point is going to be so tempting an offer, that almost every internet marketer who can spell eBook is going to rush over to a payment page, and take the plunge. Early signs are that there will be a massive influx of orders – from people who are certain they need Kajabi, and those who want it for some point in the future. If a monthly subscription offer is available, it may be too good to resist for some internet marketers. Providing you follow up the purchase with massive action, capitalizing on Kajabi’s many functions – you should be golden.

Let’s take for example a blogger, who has an eBook on their blog which is regarding internet marketing, and in particular, getting more subscribers. Currently, the blogger gives a free eBook away, and the subscriber eBook is actually an upsell on the backend, with a low price point of $5.00. The blogger hopes that at some point, they are able to create a suite of eBooks and guides, all on a backend upsell, using the natural traffic they receive from the search engines. Here’s the kajabiproblem. Kajabi gets released, and is a very low monthly price. The blogger cannot resist – as the whole range of tools and possibilities is too good to pass up at a monthly cost of $97 for example. Why is that a problem you ask?

The blogger may make a little error here, and instead of porting everything to Kajabi, they keep both their blog and Kajabi projects separate, and end up using Kajabi for other projects only – instead of capitalizing centrically with Kajabi alone. Let’s be serious here – why would you want to continue creating forums, chat rooms, support centers, social plugins etc. etc. when you could have it all under one roof?

What you really need to do is ensure your Kajabi properties also benefit from your traffic sources. Port everything over to the Kajabi properties, and ensure all your links are changed on emails etc. and slowly migrate to Kajabi. This way, you can not only have all your members in one place, but you can build a community out of your products, along with a great member admin, frontends and upsells in the backend. The limits are pretty wide open with Kajabi, and more marketers may fail to realize that they can have everything under one roof, and remove a lot of the hard work, which is inherent AND ongoing with internet marketing.

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