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I often get funny looks when I tell people I’ve had an interview. There’s still some sort of stigma attached to that sentence “I was interviewed today by…”, and I’m not sure if its a good or a bad thing. When we hear that someone was interviewed, we think of TV or Radio, or a movie star, or some sort of personality or celebrity. When we hear that a person was interviewed on a podcast or on a blog, we tend not to pay much attention, unless we are big fans of the person being interviewed. The reason, I think, is that most people view the internet as quite the accessible medium for things such as interviews. They are banded around to promote products (just as celebrities do with new movies) on many sites, so you actually end up fed up of seeing your favorite marketer’s face, or hearing their voice!


If you are offered an interview spot on a podcast or website that transcribes Skype conversations for example, don’t turn your nose up, however. People like Paul Barrs have been broadcasting great information for a long time, and know their stuff. Appearing on a popular show could actually do you more good than some JV emails spots. The best thing to do is expect nothing, and then everything is a bonus. Some people find that podcasts and regular spots in media such as videos or radio are much better for people to find them accessible and “real”. In the very least, you should try it on and see if it fits. We’re not all made the same, and we don’t all want the limelight. However, that being said, you could actually take your website to greater heights, even if you are being interviewed about “dog injections” for your pet injection niche blog.

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