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Shoestring Marketing: 7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Budgets

In an extremely tight economy, many small businesses find themselves trying to figure out how they can cut their marketing budgets while still being able to reach as many potential customers as they can. Advertising can quickly become very expensive but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can get your business front and center without breaking the bank. Many people immediately think of social media as a relatively inexpensive and effective method of reaching clients, but it is not the only way. Here are seven unique, tested and proven ways to engage your current customers and help you gain ...

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LinkedIn: 6 Ways You can Succeed

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – there are so many different social networks out there that it can be difficult to settle on one, particularly if you are a busy entrepreneur looking to build your business. While all of these are great in their own right, only LinkedIn was designed specifically to be a business networking site, so that is where we are going to keep our focus today. I’ve heard it before, and you may have said it before: What is the point of putting my name and profile out there, and do I stand a chance of this having ...

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Marketing Downfalls: Is Your Marketing Campaign Legal?

Marketing is a profession that is constantly changing and oftentimes, with changes come new rules and regulations. Unfortunately for most businesses and marketing managers, the legalities of marketing aren’t always thought of unless there is a legal team in place to dove out the basics. The truth is – marketing has elements that are legal and that are not legal. Understanding these basics can protect you in the long run and it can prevent your business from drifting into dangerous waters with the law. To best equip you, below is an overview of legal issues and concerns that you should ...

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Grow Your Business with the Right Online Tools

Once you start a business you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to make that business more successful. You want to make sure that you are pushing yourself and your business. Make sure that you are using every one of the online tools at your disposal to help. This will allow you to grow your business to accomplish bigger things. The more tools you use the better you’ll be able to connect with new people. This ensures that you get to the success that you want. To be successful means that you must do everything you ...

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Social Media Marketing: Show Me The Money

Owning a business is a tough job. One of the most pressing concerns that most business owners have is how to create more business that brings in the money. While there are an infinite number of ways that you can market your product to bring in more business, one of the most savvy money making moves that you can make is to utilize social media. Many business owners tend to overlook the significance of social media as a money making resource. Below are just a few of the major ways that social media marketing can help your business bring in ...

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