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Do You Really Need Video Marketing?

As a marketer, you need to consider all of your options when creating a marketing plan. In general, marketers often overlook certain options in favor of those that seem more viable and effective. While there certainly is no problem with doing so, it is still important to try focusing on options that could attract your target audience and lead to more business. Among youth especially, video marketing is widely popular. If your brand’s target audience is young, then you may want to consider the below tips to help you build an effective video marketing strategy for your next campaign. The ...

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Understanding Sales Funnels

Without a doubt, marketing is an industry that is constantly evolving and developing new concepts to work with. There are many factors that can influence the success of your brand. For example, it takes a lot more than positive search engine rankings to bring your brand to the point of success that you’re looking for. Today’s main topic is what is known as the “Sales Funnel.” Your brand’s sales funnel is what is going to maneuver those website hits and interested individuals into long-time customers who stay loyal to your brand and who have the repeat value that you are ...

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing Tactics

There are many marketing techniques out there to improve your brand and its visibility. Regardless of what strategy you use, you can be certain that it is evolving and reshaping to meet the challenges of today’s market. One such form of marketing that has seen some recent developments is pay-per-click advertising. In order to stay ahead and to ensure that your brand is relevant z, below are a few of the most recent tactics that some of the best brands are beginning to implement. Adopting these tactics sooner than later will help you stay ahead of your competitors. What is ...

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Latest Marketing Disasters: What Not To Do

Any publicity is not always good publicity.  Some marketing campaigns and stunts have not only fallen flat in the past couple of years, but some have even been quite embarrassing for the companies that rand them.  Whether they were due to bad luck or bad decision-making, some marketing stunts and some simple advertising campaigns gone awry turned into major PR nightmares.  Here are a few of the most recent disasters in marketing. Apple Spends a Fortune to Release U2 Single as a Gift Time Cook, the CEO of Apple, made the decision and the announcement, in September of 2014, that ...

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Business Intelligence: IBM and Twitter Mashup

Back in October of 2014, IBM announced that it would be beginning a very important partnership with social media giant, Twitter.  This partnership would allow businesses that used IBM services to utilize Twitter data to improve their marketing strategies.  IBM already had such platforms available, like the Watson cloud platform, an enterprise solution to help businesses sort through the internet data to improve their businesses and make informed decisions based on what consumers are doing online. The purpose of the partnership between IBM and Twitter is that Twitter now shares its data with IBM so that IBM can use this ...

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