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The Internet Marketing Tool Kit

Internet marketers everywhere are always looking to gain an edge over the competition. Access to data and various forms of information is a marketer’s best friend.

Continuous advancements in technology coupled with some really clever ideas have given birth to countless internet marketing tools that offer a solution to many problems that online entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

Whether you’re looking for the most lucrative keywords, require a deeper insight into a competitor’s ad campaign, or simply want to a way to be able to run daily operations smother, there is likely a tool out there that can help.

In previous blog posts, I’ve compiled lists of numerous tools that I personally use on a daily basis. However, every business is different and may need a different approach, thus requiring different tools.

So, for my fellow internet marketers out there, I have created a list of tools that can greatly improve any marketing campaign. I have experience with many (not all) of these tools. The ones that I do not have personal experience with have been referred to me by others that I hold in high regard.

Without further ado, let’s check them out…

Bufferapp Maintaining a social media account for business purposes can be a tedious task. Maintaining several accounts across multiple platforms can be downright inconvenient, especially when there are so many other aspects of your business that need attention on a daily basis. Who wants to spend hours creating posts on one platform, just to have to login to another, and another….

Bufferapp simplifies the issue by allowing users to login to all of your social media accounts simultaneously. You can set up Facebook posts, tweets, Google + shares, and LinkedIn posts all in the same place. Plus, it provides analytics that are top notch.

Auphonic Do you have a podcast or plan to provide audio for your audience, but lack the funds to hire someone for post production? Auphonic is a FREE service that allows users to upload their audio files directly to their account.

Once uploaded, you have the option of creating the basic meta data that platforms such as Itunes use to identify your file, such as meta tags, etc. With only a few clicks of a button, you can then have your audio files fully produced. Everything from hum reduction, to filtering, to loudness normalization are all done for you automatically.

The end result is an audio that sounds as if it was edited by a professional, except the process is completely automated and FREE.

Share Bar Social sharing buttons are an absolute must for anyone that owns a blog. The Share Bar plugin provides the essential social media buttons to all of your desired pages.

Hello Bar This is an interesting new tool that I recently came across. The Hello Bar is a FREE program that allows users to create customizable bars at the top of their website. You have the option to choose the message, the color, and where it redirects after being clicked. The possibilities for this tool are staggering.

Pretty Link Lite If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this plugin. Pretty Link Lite enables users to create custom, shortened links using your own domain name. Nobody likes to click on obnoxiously long affiliate links. Potential consumers WILL however, click on a link that is short.

Affiliate marketers can use this plugin to produce affiliate links that look desirable and feature your own url. Plus, it tracks every click that that specific link receives.

Optin Revolution How many times have I stressed the importance of creating an email list? Often times having an opt-in form at the side of your blog simply doesn’t cut it. After all, your audience member’s attention is on the content being provided, and may not even see your forms.

This plugin allows users to create professional looking pop ups that appear when an audience members reaches your site.

Trust Jacker Imagine having the ability to market to readers on OTHER websites without having to pay ridiculous fees for ad space. Trust Jacker does just that. With this plugin, you can offer cost per action (cpa) ads to viewers of other sites.

When enabled, you have the ability to choose your ad and a specific landing page of your choice. The plugin will create a custom link for you to add to your site or other places around the web. Once clicked, the reader will be sent to the target website (it can be any page on the web) and your CPA offer will appear.

This is a creative way to generate an additional stream of income for blog owners as all they have to do is place the links in their content. Pretty slick, right?

UpPrev Can you do me a quick favor? Go ahead and scroll towards the bottom of my page. What appears on the right hand side? It’s a recommendation for other blog posts. UpPrev has the ability to drastically increase the engagement rate of any site by offering additional pages or blog posts that the reader may find interesting.

Mingle Forum Does your site receive a lot of traffic? Would you like to provide an option that keeps readers coming back time and time again, spending an incredible amount of time on your site? Getting a forum to gain traction is difficult, but once established, it can be one of the most lucrative options you will ever make.

Magic Action Box Creating an opt-in form can often take quite a bit of time or money to create. It doesn’t have to though! Magic Action Box is a FREE plugin that allows users to create their own custom opt in boxes and integrates fully with all major email providers.

OptimizePress 2.0 The original OptimizePress was an incredibly powerful tool for creating sales pages, sales pages, download pages, etc. however, there were several drawbacks that truly limited the overall capabilities.

OptimizePress 2.0 is the fully revamped version that is hands down the best possible option for creating customized sales pages from scratch. This new and improved version provides click and drag options for ease of use while offering so much more than the original.

Ahrefs Analytics are key to fully understanding your business and your competitors. I use this site to help reverse engineer the SEO strategies of my competitors. If they have a link on a popular site, I try to get a link there as well. Soon enough, I will be one step ahead of them, no matter how established their site is.

Google Alerts Google alerts is an outstanding tool for monitoring your market. It allows you to choose specific keyword phrases and receive a notification every time new material pops up with that specific term.

You can use this several different ways. One method is to keep tabs on whenever your brand name appears. For instance, if a potential consumer has a question about your service in an online forum, you can receive a notification and quickly join the conversation.

There’s always the possibility to monitor your competitors as well. If a potential consumer has a question or concern about a competitor, you can suggest an alternative.

Ubersuggest This tool is a perfect complement to Google’s Keyword planner. For any given keyword phrase, you will be provided with dozens (often times hundreds) of phrases that coincide.

Google’s Keyword Planner only shows a very small portion of the possible keywords for any given phrase. When used together, you will not only be able to find hundreds of lucrative keywords, but have the ability to analyze them as well.

LastPass As an internet marketer, you undoubtedly have passwords for countless different platforms, websites, and tools. Having the same username and password for each is dangerous. Trying to remember them all is often exhausting.

Lastpass provides a way for you to remember all of your log in information for every site. If you work with a team, it also allows for users to create accounts for team members without them ever seeing the password generated. That way, if you work with a number of individuals, you don’t have to continuously change your log in credentials in order to ensure your privacy.

Screaming Frog Screaming Frog is actually a UK based search marketing agency. However, they have a powerful desktop program that can fully analyze the on-site SEO of a site.

This program is ideal for medium to large websites that have a ton of pages. It would obviously be incredibly inefficient to search through every page individually. Instead, Screaming Frog provides all of the data for you in an easy to read format.

That should wrap up today’s post. If you have any other tools that you’d like to suggest, feel free to leave it in the comments section below. I love finding out about cool new tools, and I’m sure other readers would appreciate it as well!

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