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Interaction is Paramount

Interaction_is_ParamountInteraction on your website is key for future growth and traffic. If there is no way for a visitor to join in with your site, they are not going to check back as often as they might, if they were coming to reply to another user – or comment on something you said.

They will visit of course, if you are just posting great content, but to be brutally honest – you have to give them a way to get involved, if you really want your site to go crazy with traffic on a daily basis.

There is the very simple way of allowing comments on your blog for example, but some of the very best websites allow much more free run, and are true Web 2.0 sites by allowing the site to be a community. Your visitors will soon interact with each other, as well as you, and this is very good for business. Communities thrive on topical information, so if you have a regularly updated blog, it seems silly to keep all the content rights to yourself – why not let other people write your content for you?

One of the best ways to do this, is allow guest authors. You can offer a weekly spot to any of your readers, and they will jump at the chance. With a small amount of editing, you will have a fresh blog post that is usually very lengthy.

Another great way is to allow visitors to upload photos and videos of themselves. The Youtube generation are crazy for being famous, and will happily upload videos that they made for Youtube and co. as long as you give them a platform.

A very clever way to get your visitors interacting, is a simple review methodology. After reviewing a particular product or service, open the floor to your fellow blogger. Let them also give you their opinion – just ensure you actively encourage it, by titling your posts “Community Review” etc.

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