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Instant Upsells

instant_upsellWhen you are designing a squeeze page and thank you page, the last thing that is going through your mind is “What are my clients now thinking once they are on their way to the content?”.

For a lot of people, the deal ends right there, and they get the free ebook or content, and then the upsell starts with email marketing.

This is a pretty good way to do business, granted, but there is another method that you may have overlooked, and you can tap into the emotions of the client right there, right after they click submit to get to your content.

By upselling the client as soon as they hit submit, you are rolling a dice. Some people do not like to have another offer planted right in front of them as soon as they sign up for something. So how do you get these people interested too? Well, you simply make the deal so mouth-watering that they won’t mind seeing the offer pop up in the first place. Instead of trying to upsell them to a $97 product right off the bat, you should be aiming much, much lower. Think $1, $2, $5… these numbers are much easier to handle for someone who is getting a free ebook from you. You just need to offer them a deal that is 90% off normal price, or $100 off. That will grab their attention, and more often than not, they will pay the $1 or $2, because this is small pocket change.

Now, just think about what this means in the grand scheme of things. If you booked an adswap with a marketer, where you were going out to 5000 people, and the response was around 5% taking you up on your free ebook offer – which equates to 250 people – now, imagine how many of those people will think “What the hey,” and buy the upsell at a measly $1?

The beauty of this is, even if they do not purchase the upsell, you have got what you really needed, and that is their email address. You can offer that same upsell maybe a bit later, and keep it fresh in their mind, once they have digested what great content you have already sent them. Once you have built up the almighty trust factor with your prospects, then a $1 upsell is going to look pretty attractive, and they will bite your hand off.

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