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Inspiration and Motivation

When You Suck at Planning…

There’s no shame in being scatter brained or if you rush through the planning phase of a project or product. Most entrepreneurs work frantically and at the last minute check over their whole strategy to see where they have skipped ahead or messed up. It is a common trait, and one that can be trained out of even the worst prepared person on earth. Ideas can be the making of a person – if they are actually put into practice, and progressed. Unless you plan an idea, however, they are ultimately worthless.

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What is the Secret

You may know of a DVD that has been made popular by many people called “The Secret”, which is based on the laws of attraction to improve your wealth, state of mind and anything else in your life you would like. If you want to get a higher paid job, you positively reinforce this to yourself, and never allow yourself to be negative about it. For example, you only concentrate on HOW to get there, and not WHY you’re not there. The Secret is based on a good foundation of self belief and positivity – so despite what critics may ...

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Business Goal Settings – How to Plan for Maximum Success

When it comes to your business, goal setting is absolutely critical to keeping your company on track and progressing forward—not stagnating. Whether your business is offline or online you have to maintain a constant momentum and business goal setting is a huge part of keeping that ball in motion. So, how do you do it? If you want to get planning your objectives then read on to learn how.

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