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Inspiration and Motivation

New Product Ideas

The Art of Brilliant New Product Ideas

Coming up with the right new products can be tricky. The right idea could easily mean millions in revenue. The wrong idea could mean months of hard work – not to mention cash – down the drain. So how do you come up with the right ideas?

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Getting Out of the Mud – Moving Forward and Unstuck…

Have you ever wondered why success seems to come easy to some people and others struggle? It does not matter if you are talking about life, business or a specific area of business like marketing. Well, I am going to share one of the core strategies that will help you in EVERYTHING you do. I will be honest. I learned this the hard way, from constantly struggling and trying to get any real forward momentum in both my life and business. Sometimes it just feels like you are driving through a swamp and all you do is spin your wheels ...

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Connecting with Your Internet Marketing Goals

It’s difficult to travel the roadway to success when you don’t know your destination. How can you plan out a travel route to get there when the end destination is vague and undefined? Without a specific goal in mind you can end up going around in circles without ever really accomplishing much. This is one of the biggest problems that most internet marketers face and the sad thing is they don’t even realize it.

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Determination to Succeed – 3 Simple Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle…

Determination is one of the most critical skills that you can have in life. Most people, when they hit an obstacle, are intimidated by the obstacle and retreat back into their comfort zone. There is a huge difference in attitude between successful people and the average person. People who are successful in life look at an obstacle and go through a simple three-step mental process that I will share with you now that will literally transform your perspective of everything you do.

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Is Your Fear Getting in the Way of Your Business?

As an internet marketer, you’ve probably been around the circles of not only business and marketing but also self help and positive attitudes. Some people may take it a tad far for your comfort, but most of us will read about how our attitudes either help or hinder our business and nod our heads in agreement. But it’s one thing to read about how certain attitudes affect our business, and it’s another to realize how those attitudes really play out when we go to work and make decisions for our websites, new clients, new products, new ideas and so forth. I ...

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