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Infographics: A New Captivating Method for Building a Following

We’ve all used them; ebooks, reports, videos, etc.,  to offer something of value to our audience or to draw in new viewers all together.  However, the newest trend seems to be infographics.  An infographic is a way of presenting your information in a brief, yet visually appealing manner.  In case you’ve never seen an infographic before, here are a few examples http://visual.ly/.  They can entail anything that pertains to the topic at hand, but typically in a picture format that helps enhance the viewer’s ability to comprehend the information.  Though infographics have been around for quite some time, I’m going to show you how you can use them to build your audience base and potential subscribers.

Obviously, the starting point would be to develop an infographic.  The information presented should have a few key points, meaning that the text should be informative, yet captivating, while not cluttering up the page.  A maximum of 8-10 points should be sufficient for any infographic.  You’ll want to find a site with a solid reputation that specializes in creating infographics.

You’ll notice in the link I provided earlier, that all of the inforgraphics give a brief amount of information while allowing the visual effects of the photo designs to help amplify your message.  Statistical data seems to be the most effective as it is interesting aid can easily get your point across without the excess clutter.  Be sure to place the most pertinent information towards the top as that will be the first thing people will read and will act as an attention grabber.  You can come up with fresh content or even condense the information from a pre existing ebook or report that you’ve developed in the past.  The last step, to creating an infographic may be the most important.  Be sure to have your website url in bold at the bottom in a font or size that is different from the rest of the text.  We want your url to resonate with readers.

The next step is to find other websites within your niche that may be interested in presenting their audience with your infographic.  Why would they do this?  Well duh, because it gives their audience something of value without them having to lift a finger.  If you really want to put the nail in the coffin to ensure that they pick up your infographic, you can also offer a complimentary guest post on their site as well.  This may seem as if it’s a bonus for them, but it is also highly beneficial for you as well!  Not only will a guest post help you reach a broader audience to build up your brand, but it will also allow you the opportunity to receive a quality link back to your own site, which may help with the rankings.  Here is an article I wrote last month about the benefits of guest blogging here.

If the other site agrees, they will show their audience YOUR infographic and a guest post that links back to YOUR site, all for free. But, it gets even better…

Spread the infographic to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The people that peruse these social media sites LOVE infographics and are often eager to share them with others.  Imagine if only 4 Facebook friends, with 200 friends each, “Share” your infographic onto their own Facebook page.  That could equate to an additional 800 people that view the information that you created and the big, bolded url to your site at the very bottom.  This is a killer way to create exposure for your brand and potentially build traffic to your site with minimal effort on your part.

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