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If I Gave You $5000 Right Now…


5000_dollarsWhat would you spend it on? Most people would spend it on marketing, and buying solo ad mailings, or maybe even Adwords.

So, if you sat down right now, and I gave you one minute to write as many methods of marketing you would pay for with $5000, it would probably take you just a few seconds, because you would spread it out over maybe two or three of the big names like Google Adwords and MSN ads. Naturally this would cost $5000 in no time, and you would see a return on investment. But would it be enough?

If you picked Google Adwords or MSN ads, and you are complete newbie to internet marketing, then you would be advised against it by many people. Adwords can take lots of time to learn the ropes, and needs monitoring carefully. Just one wrong word could mean losing hundreds of dollars. Or in this example – thousands!

If you didn’t put your eggs all in one basket with the big PPC companies, then you would probably be on to something. Besides PPC there is a plethora of ways to spend money on advertising, that you probably never even considered before. This is probably because you never had $5000 to spend on marketing before? PPC is so accessible, most people try it at least once, but they soon drop out when they realize it needs study. If you tried Pay Per View (PPV), then you may get a lot more value (PPV can be as low as $0.001 per view), but less conversions.


Instead of paying for clicks or views, one of the best ways – if not the best – to actually spend that money would be on SEO. People forget that there are ways to spend money once, and get a lifetime of success from it. Organic SEO would be an investment, and not shortlived like Adwords and co. If you wanted bang for your buck, then solid organic and natural traffic would be the best choice by far.


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