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I Am NOT a Designer!

The biggest problem that people face when starting out can be their first blog or sales page, or squeeze page – in fact free_stuffanything that involves being creative… if they are not a designer, or have ANY design skills. Sure, you can outsource this work, but really, do you want to have to pay somebody hundreds of dollars for what you need? Because there’s a lot isn’t there?

There’s your logo, your blog or webpage header, there’s the little social icons that people are loving these days, and then there’s the little banners that you want all over the page… it soon mounts up. For a designer that charges $30 per hour, you are going to keep him busy. What about when you release that sales page unto the world – you want it looking awesome – so you have to pay out for that too. Maybe you want a video too – so that has to be taken into consideration. After all that is paid for, there’s your marketing.

I know most of you are feeling ill right now, but I can put paid to at least ONE thing in that big list – and that is the design work. Very few of the people I meet who are brand new to marketing want to ask for things for free. It’s not charity, it is networking. It is also very beneficial to all of the parties concerned, because good work always feels better when it is free, and you are willing to go that extra mile to put people’s name around.

So, how can you get hundreds of dollars worth of design work for free? Well, by asking. And where better to ask than over at the most popular digital art website in the world – DeviantArt. Let’s knock it down a notch, and see what we can think of to lead into a conversation that will involve you asking for a lot of work for free…

Let’s say you have got a free Blogger blog that is just about you and your business. Sort of like a profile page. All you need to do is speak with an artist about some of their smaller work, like social icons for example. You first start speaking with them about their work, and thank them for letting you use them on your blog. You then ask them if they are able to do any other design work, in return for a reciprocal banner on your site. See, that was simple, right? All you need to do is ask. Whatever it is – ask, and remember that the worst thing that could happen, is that somebody says no.

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