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How to Write Website Content Readers Actually Like

How to write website content is one thing, How to write website contentbut knowing how to write content that your readers will actually enjoy reading is a completely different skill. Too many times, you’ll notice that websites populate content that really has no flavor whatsoever. This content is boring, generally poorly written, has no actual knowledge to impart to the reader and is, in essence, useless.

People aren’t stupid anymore when they read a page on a website. Sure, you can pull the wool over the eyes of some for a while, but readers these days know what to look for and can smell a fake when they see it. When you write an article for your website, it needs to be good content in order to get your readers to return again without getting a bad taste in their mouths.

How to Write Website Content with Boring Keywords

Oftentimes, you’re not left with much to work with after your keyword research. Which means, of course, that your content is back to boring and useless. But it is possible to know how to write content that sticks even if you have terrible keyword choices. Here’s a little secret.

When you’re writing to a particular keyword that doesn’t fit well into an article using natural speaking phraseology, you can work around it by referencing the reason for writing the article itself. For instance, how are you supposed to target a keyword like “best laptop review” and still use that same phrase within the review itself? It generally sounds funny. But if you say something like, “In this best laptop review, we’ll be discussing…” or “It’s sometimes difficult to find the best laptop review online…” then it fits in more naturally than if you were to say “Need a best laptop review?” The lattermost sounds gimmicky and very obvious that you’re targeting a keyword phrase.

How to Write Website Content for Social Media Virality

Knowing how to write website content for use on social media requires a different tone than writing for a website. True, you’re still writing for a “website,” (i.e., yours) but it’s for a different purpose. You want social media to take off and go viral, and long-winded posts – or even 450-word pages that are Google’s friendly number – don’t cut it. Social media requires blurbs and a lot of multimedia to draw attention these days.

Writing content for social media oftentimes means accompanying photos or video with a caption or just a two to three sentence blurb. Anything that’s shareable is a good length for social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

Don’t get too complicated with social media content. True, you need to include a keyword or a geographic location (for targeting a local business, if that’s your thing) where needed. But don’t be worried about keyword density. Make it personal, make it fun, and you’ve got a good recipe for content. If you can get the hang of this, then learning how to write website content that people actually like will be a breeze.

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