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How to Use WordPress on Your Website

How to use WordPressHow to use WordPress instructions are found all over the internet, but you don’t always need the instructions themselves – you need to know what to do with WordPress once it’s installed. This guide will give you a basic overview of the capabilities your site will have once you install WordPress.

The WordPress installation itself is pretty easy. If your domain hosting offers one-click WordPress installation, you can install WordPress directly from the control panel of your hosting dashboard. The software will create a username and password for you, and all you have to do is save those login credentials so you can access WordPress at the administrator level.

How to Use WordPress as a Content Management System

If you want to know how to use WordPress as a content management system (or CMS), then you first need to know the difference between building your own site and using a CMS. In this case, the CMS allows you to create your content on a prebuilt platform using predetermined formatting. The benefit here is that you do not have to build or code your own website. Everything is pretty much done for you. All you have to add is the unique content and additional graphics.

WordPress gives you the option to add content in blog post and web page formats, which are the same options you can choose from if you were blogging on the WordPress site itself. The benefit of having it installed on your own website is that you have much more control over plugins and design, not to mention the fact that WordPress can’t terminate your blog on a whim.

How to Use WordPress Plugins

Knowing how to use WordPress plugins is helpful for growing your business online. First of all, you can enjoy a lot of functionality that would otherwise take you hours to create on your own if you were designing a website.

Depending on which template style you’re using, you can use several types of plugins on your website. Some may be visible to viewers, especially if they have to do with signup forms or contact pages. Others might be for your own functionality and run in the background.

Learning how to use WordPress plugins is easy. Just go to the Plugins category on your WordPress dashboard and perform a search for the desired plugin. If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, but you found it on a website, you can download the files and upload them to the Plugins directory of your site via an FTP manager, such as FileZilla.

If you do find the plugin you want in the list, you can simply press the “Activate” button to install it. Then, if you use it for a while and determine that you don’t want it, you can select the “Deactivate” button to delete it.

How to Use WordPress Themes

Knowing how to use these themes will help you switch between templates easily. You can search the WordPress theme site for a theme of your choice, or you can purchase more expensive themes, like Thesis, from developers.

You can change your theme at any time. You can either download the theme files and upload them via FTP, just like the plugins, or you can search for and install them from the WordPress dashboard.

All in all, learning how to use WordPress on your website will save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to site design and content creation.

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