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How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Website

How to use Tumblr – this is something a lot of website owners want to know How to use Tumblrso they can expand their social media presence. Tumblr, like any good social network, enables users to post updates via text, photo and video.

But there’s a certain recipe to making a successful Tumblr website. This guide will show you how to use Tumblr in such a way that you attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. And this website, unlike Facebook and Twitter, lets you customize your page to more easily brand your blog, so to speak. So not only does this social media site give you yet another platform on which to push your website, you get to do it your way – more or less.

How to Use Tumblr: Templates

Tumblr is still somewhat of a closed editing environment. In other words, they don’t want you making a LOT of changes to the design, so they let you pick from templates instead. These templates offer enough variation that you can choose one that suits your fancy and not think that it looks like everyone else’s Tumblr page.

Knowing how to use Tumblr entails knowing which template you should choose for your needs. If you run a professional website, you probably don’t want to pick an artsy design. But if you’re more of a free-thinker and you want to promote your beadwork and dream catchers, you might pick a more whimsical template. In a way, it’s similar to selecting a WordPress template, except that there are far fewer to have to sift through.

How to Use Tumblr: The Right Formula

As we mentioned in the beginning of this guide, there’s a certain recipe that really makes “Tumblrs” tick when it comes to posting content. If you look at the Tumblr pages of big businesses who use this social media platform, you’ll notice a widespread trend.

This trend involves uploading high-definition photographs to a post and adding about three to four sentences of text. That’s right – that’s all it takes to really know how to use Tumblr the right way. You don’t even have to write a lot, so if you’re not a writer, this should thrill you to bits.

Another way to really please your following is to post or repost a video. Anything visual like a video or a photograph is sure to attract a lot more attention on Tumblr than a bunch of blocky text that takes forever to read.

You can also choose Tumblr templates that feature a Twitter feed on the left hand side. So if your website is on Twitter, you can display your feed on Tumblr and kill two birds with one stone – no pun intended.

So what should you post about if you just have a website that doesn’t come out with a new product every week? Give visitors a peek into what goes on behind the scenes. Post a picture of your cat pestering you at your desk while you’re writing a new article for your blog, or shoot a videocast of yourself giving a tour of your home office. Anything that personalizes your website will help you endear yourself to customers and is a great start to how to use Tumblr.

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