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How to Upset People and Make Money

upsettingpeopleFrankly, that title is misleading. I did it on purpose, however, to make a point.

When people read a title, and then they view a page that gives them the opposite of that information, they do one of two things; they click back, or they read WHY the information has changed.

Depending on your subject matter, they’ll stick around. Here’s why:

When you entice people to a page, you want them ready with their wallets out. Its common sense to get a buyer so presold that they already have their credit card in their hand before they hit your sales page. That’s not always easy, however, if there’s an anticlimax when they arrive… and your copy slows down the whole buying mood.

There’s a little used trick, which clearly works (ask any top marketer), and increases sales greatly. What you need to do, is have an offer which cannot be fulfilled to a whole list. Let’s say you have a list of 1000 people which converts 10% in sales. So you know that usually you can rely on 100 of your followers buying from you. What you do is limit the offer to just 50 units. Naturally, have an upsell here that will earn you a good amount of revenue. But – back on topic…

What happens is, the 50 people who clicked through to purchase are pretty upset that they missed out. You can bet your last dollar that they’d email you too to let you know. Therefore, the next time you release a product, the 50 people who missed out will be MORE than willing to click through and purchase – even if the cost of the product is higher than usual. The upsell on the second product can again be bigger – and your clients will never regret buying… because they got in early this time.

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