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How to Think Outside the Box in Your Niche

Thinking outside the box in a niche is easier said than done. In my experience, I come up with my niche, start writing about it and promptly draw a blank as to how to expand on that and make more income. There are several reasons behind why you should expand your niche and not just go with the regular flow of what everyone else is doing in your niche already.

The first reason is that you must have a USP, or unique selling proposition. In layman’s terms, you need to distinguish yourself from everyone else by offering something everyone else is already doing. If you don’t, why would a customer purchase a product through your website – no matter how nicely laid out your website looks.

The second reason is that you can up sell your customers on more than just the main product. Backend offers – like those you offer after they hit the “buy” button and before they submit their orders – catch the buyer when they already have their credit cards handy. In short, they’re softened up for the sell, if you will.

Now let’s talk a little about HOW you can go about thinking outside the box. Let’s take an example featuring a travel website. Perhaps you want to feature hotels and encourage visitors to book through your website. How do you get them to whip out their credit card while still on your page?

Perhaps you package hotels, flights and weddings.

Maybe you offer the added service of checking alternative dates for them instead of making them input all of the dates themselves.

Think about offering a service where you coach the customer on when the best time of year is– for both weather and travel rates – for your customers, so they don’t have to do the digging. You could basically be their online travel agent that takes the middle man fee out of the equation in normal travel agencies.

You can also work on finding a list of answers for customers, than plugging them into a FAQ page. For example, maybe a young couple wants to get married on Cozumel, but don’t know what the requirements are or where to find them. You can provide this service for them in return for them booking their flights and hotel through you.

For example, does the wedding package at a certain hotel include hair and makeup for the bride? Do they have to pay an arm and a leg for photography? Do they have to use the videographer of the hotel’s choice? These are things hotel websites do not make crystal clear on their own, so if you can get these problems answered for your clients, you’ll be that much more valuable in their eyes.

All in all, if you can find ways of combining deals and saving your customers money, they’ll be more inclined to purchase from you than from someone else. Make this obvious on your website and you’ll get a lot more customers to buy from you.

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