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How to Start a Site: Expert Tips and Pointers

How to start a site that earns residual income – this is a skill many beginning internet marketers want to have. How to Start a SiteUnfortunately, there is an awful lot of rubbish to weed through on the internet that makes this skill hard to obtain the right way.

Knowing how to start a site in today’s marketing world is easier than it was ten years ago, before it was common to use content management systems and step-by-step site creation software. Oftentimes, you would have to code or design a site yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Between the software you would have had to buy and the time it took to learn how to start a site, this process was quite time-consuming. But now, systems like WordPress and Joomla make site management much easier, allowing you to spend more time on content creation.

How to Start a Site that Grabs Readers’ Attention

Let’s face it – you’re up against a lot of competition these days when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website. Unless you’re willing to shell out for a Google AdWords campaign that might only produce marginal results, chances are that you’ll have to go the extra mile in driving traffic the natural way – through organic search engine results.

Before you begin anything else, really try to narrow down the objective of your site, and pick the site style you wish to create. Do you want a regular website with a navigation bar for all your articles and a sidebar for your products? Or do you want a forum that you’ll monetize with ads? You might want a daily blog that you can build using WordPress software. Whatever the case, have an idea in mind before you move on.

Once you’ve pinpointed your site style, let’s move onto choosing a domain name that will catch a searcher’s attention in the search results. As a general rule of thumb, you want to keep the following guidelines in mind:

*Keep the domain name short. 20 characters or less comprises a good size.

*Use a catchy title. Make it memorable, if possible.

*Try not to use numbers or hyphens. Sometimes this is unavoidable, especially if your niche contains popular words that are already taken.

*Keep it timeless. Unless you’re selling ticket specifically for the 2012 Superbowl and don’t plan to use the site for anything else, pick a name that never goes out of date.

How to Start a Site the Right Way

It’s tempting to launch your website the minute your home page is up and running. But submitting a thin site to the search engines will hurt your rank for several months to come. It’s best if you create a lot of content first, then open your site up for search engine inclusion. Be sure to include Home, Contact, About, Disclosure and Privacy Policy pages, especially if you plan to sell affiliate products.

Include at least 10 pages of original content before launching your site. You can always add more later, but the more you have at the outset, the better your site will perform and the more chances of readership your site will enjoy. By following these tips, you’ll find out how to start a site the right way.

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