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How to REALLY Leverage Apps…

leveraging appsYou need to start with an idea. You need to sit and take a good look at your business, and then seriously think outside the box.

Don’t think about conventional methods of advertising or marketing. Think about clever ways you can give your customers live and direct access to something you offer.

You need to take your products or services, and package them into a small tool or application that people will use regularly, or some sort of information delivery service that people will check regularly. These people who get a lot out of the app will want to tell others.

You should research what other apps are out there, and try them out yourself. You may be able to get ideas from other apps, even if they are unrelated. For example, a Q&A app may give you an idea to do an SEO Q&A. People in internet marketing groups on Facebook would love getting quizzed on SEO – and they may learn a thing or two. They will then of course become your clients.

After the idea, you need to speak with a professional. The best place to get a freelancer to create an app for very little money, is by going to Freelancer.com or Guru.com and getting people to bid on a simple Facebook, Smartphone or iPhone app for example. Depending on how big your idea is, people will begin to bid and they will bid low. You will of course need an admin function in the app, and upon completion, the freelancer must train you how to use it. You will also need to ensure that the app posts to a person’s wall etc. or has some viral properties, like ‘Tell a Friend’.

Always choose a freelancer who has good history and feedback. Let other people try out new freelancers.

In the case of social media sites like Facebook, you will need to start getting users. This is quite easy. Join some groups and make some friends in your niche, and send them a message and ask them to try out your new app. From there, it will start doing the viral work itself, posting on people’s walls etc.

Last thought: The app will only be as good as the freelancer you pick –so make sure you choose wisely.



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