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How to Market an eBook Online

How to market an eBook in the online world these daysHow to market an ebook is something you need to go above and beyond in researching before launching your new product. You have a lot of competition when it comes to written advice and tutorials. Both your competition and your prospective customers know this, which can work against you when trying to market your product.

From the competition’s standpoint, if you’re a new seller without a well established reputation, you’re embarking on the trail way after many others have blazed a path. From the buyer’s viewpoint, you’re not the only kid on the block selling lemonade on a 101 degree afternoon. If they don’t like what they see in the first few seconds of reading your sales pitch, you’ve lost the sale.

How to Market an eBook to Your Email List

Hopefully you’ve been smart about taking care of your email list. By this, I mean you’ve broadcast a steady stream of emails to your readers to keep your list warm. You’ve mixed information-only emails with promotional emails in the right amounts. If so, then your list is probably ready to hear about your new eBook.

One of the best ways to market your eBook to a list is by building up the anticipation one email at a time. Involve them in the process. Share one or two chapters for free. Give them a taste of what you’re writing, and they’ll be tempted to purchase it. If they give you negative feedback, you can always take what you’re told, evaluate it and make changes as you see fit.

How to Market an eBook Using Paid Search

You can’t always rely on organic search to drive copious traffic to your sales page. Although this works with certain keywords, you’re still looking at fending off competition, which is easier to do using paid search.

Figuring out how to market an eBook using paid search is all about researching keywords diligently. Instead of simply pulling out keywords from the book itself, think about where your audience is coming from. Who needs your eBook? Answer this question, then ask yourself, what search terms would they use to find what they’re looking for? It might not be a term found anywhere in your eBook, so keep an open mind.

Your sales page is even more important than the eBook itself. After all, it doesn’t matter if your new book is worthy of inclusion in the New York Times bestselling book list if your sales page fails to sell readers on the notion of buying your book.

Not everyone can be their own copywriter. Sometimes it takes a pro to really make your sales copy shine. Not only the wording itself, but any graphics, testimonials, videos and highlighted text you use. Use text colors that are soothing to the mind, such as blue and green, and keep red and black bolded text for the truly earth shattering statements.

Now that you know more about how to market an eBook using various methods, it’s time to get started with your promotion tactics!

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