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How to Market a Blog: Five Simple Steps to Success

How to market a blog is a hot topic with internet marketers these days. How to market a blogBlogs, which often are a more entertaining and condensed version of a website, tend to draw readers quickly and lend themselves to going viral due to their sharable nature.

Almost every internet marketer wants to mimic the blog success of great bloggers. After all, who wouldn’t want to make $100,000 per month blogging about the topics they love? That’s why blogging is such an inundated industry, which gives you even more reasons why you should know how to market a blog.

How to Market a Blog from the Ground Up

Before you can learn how to market a blog, you need to lay the ground work for an effective blog. First, carve out time daily to add new posts. If you want your blog to be visible in the search engines, you need to add content on a consistent basis.

Not only should your content be consistent, it should be of the best quality you can muster. That means no copying and pasting from other sites, and no posting PLR articles that haven’t been rewritten. Every article you post should be unique.

How to Market a Blog by Branding Your Site

You can have the best, most helpful blog in the world, but without attractive scenery, you won’t get very far. You’re competing in a world where rich, slick graphics rule the most profitable websites. If you want to compete with the big boys, you have to look like them, to a certain extent.

This doesn’t mean you have to hire the most expensive graphic designer, but you should focus on making a logo with your brand on it and placing it in a slick header. Be sure to color coordinate each element on your website, and use reader-friendly colors like blue and green to please the eye.

Drive Traffic

Knowing how to market your blog once you’re prepared for traffic is as easy as submitting articles to article directories. This free method of traffic saves you the time and effort of paying for traffic via paid search campaigns and is a nearly permanent mode of marketing, besides. For instance, if you were to pay for a campaign, you could only pay for so many weeks of having it on the market, or you might run out of money to pay for clicks. With free article directories, you can keep the article on for the lifetime of the website.

If your blog is of the type of niche that visitors will chat about on a forum, then you can get in the mix by becoming a member of a forum about your niche.

Interact with Readers

Nobody likes a blogger who doesn’t respond to any reader comments. Don’t leave it up to a few of your trusted blog readers to respond to poignant comments that your articles receive. Jump in there and give your two cents every now and then!

Do Link Exchanges

Knowing how to market your blog also requires that you have a good eye for other sites that are very similar to your own and already have a dedicated following. Offer to trade links with these sites, or if they are 100% reputable, offer to pay for a link on their blogroll. Just make sure everything you do is completely white hat. Don’t feed into link farms that only take your money and hurt your page rank! These tips will help you figure out how to market a blog in no time.

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