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How to Make an Ebook: Formatting for Your Audience

How to make an ebook skills aren’t just about writing How to make an ebookthe book and putting it on your website. It’s about making it visually attractive to your audience as well. For many, the purpose of an ebook is to lead up to the sale of another product, especially if you gave it away. So you want to make it as easy as possible for the reader to finish the ebook and move onto your call to action.

You don’t need expert graphics talent or expensive software to make your ebook. True, it helps if your ebook has a full color cover with a computer-generated product look, but that’s not necessary for selling it online. A descriptive title with a relevant keyword is key to succeeding in making your ebook work for you.

How to Make an Ebook with Proper Formatting

Some authors tend to skip steps when writing ebooks. They get the content down, then they forget to go back through and format it properly. This makes for an awkward reading experience for the reader.

One of the worst mistakes in most ebooks online is the amount of typos that slip paste Autocorrect. Some writers don’t like to use it, but it makes your ebook look like a lesser quality production when you don’t go back through and fix your mistakes.

Not leaving enough space between lines and margins is another issue. Use this to your advantage! You can double space paragraphs and make more pages out of the same amount of words to give your ebook the illusion that it’s bigger while making it even easier to read for your audience. Thus, there’s more perceived value, even though you haven’t added or taken anything away from your ebook.

How to Make an Ebook Cover

Making flashy ebook covers doesn’t have to be costly or difficult. All you need are three rectangular graphics: one for the front, one for the side and one for the back. You can make these graphics in a software like Fireworks or PhotoShop Elements, or you can purchase stock photos, which may be less expensive and less hassle.

Then just Google “free ebook cover software” or “free ebook cover website” to find an ebook creator that you can use without paying for one. However, if you want to customize your ebook cover, you should look into a software that offers several different styles.

Knowing how to make an ebook cover isn’t difficult, but it can be time consuming. Don’t be tempted to cut corners, though. It’s easy to leave your product at “good enough” and not take it one notch further to where it’s a hit seller.

Skimping on an ebook when it’s a bonus or free giveaway is also a big no-no. Even though you won’t get paid for it upfront, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. Why? Because your readers will remember how well or how poorly you wrote it, and whatever they taste will stay in their mouths the next time they think about buying from you. So do yourself a favor and learn how to make an ebook properly the first time around!

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