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How to Make a Blog Website That Isn’t Just a Blog

How to make a blog website that looks like a website How to make a blog websitebut is one that feels like and is formatted similarly to a blog is a great way to make things easier on yourself and your readers. Did you know that you can create an entire website out of a blogging platform like WordPress? You can, and in doing so, you save yourself a lot of hassle in HTML and CSS coding or in trying to hire someone else to do it for you.

In order to pull this off, you need to pick a template that doesn’t scream, “I’m a brand new blog with no new posts.” You probably recognize the type when you see it. The template generally has a coffeehouse-esque motif, a huge header, very few navigation buttons and default stock photo images. If left for too long without some TLC, you’ll also notice the “Hello World” default blog post that graces the front page of any new blog using WordPress. Naturally, one of your firsts tasks is to remove that blog post and replace it with one that is keyword-savvy and fits your blog.

Your First Step in How to Make a Blog Website

You need a little action plan before diving into making a blog website. You need to have a purpose in mind first. Too many newbies – and even seasoned professionals who should know better – start out their new blog with great ideas and big ambitions only to find that they got in a little over their heads and weren’t able to finish what they started.

Making Goals Before Learning How to Make a Blog Website

So before you move on, let’s set a goal for your new website. For instance, if your desire is to make a stream of income from this blog, then you need to decide whether you will post ads, sales letters or affiliate links on its pages. In some cases, you can do more than one of these options on the same site. Just don’t inundate your posts with commercialism, or your readers will feel like they’re being sold every time they visit.

But before you get too much money on your mind when learning how to make a blog website, remember that content is king, and without it, your blog will get nowhere. So you need to make a solid blueprint that dictates content creation goals for your new website. Who will write the content? Will you do it yourself or hire someone else? How often will you publish new posts? Search engines love blogs that get updated on a frequent, regular basis, so adding new posts each week – or even daily – is ideal.

Formatting Your New Blog Website

The whole objective in making a blog website is knowing how to give it a website feel while still maintaining a blog format. In other words, keeping your blog posts on the left and the column for recommended posts on the right is proper form, but you probably want to change out the headers and graphics that came with your template.

Be sure to brand your blog like you would a website. Come up with your own logo and place it in the header. Be sure to add plenty of navigation buttons to the navigation bar beneath the header. Allow users to navigate freely around the site whether you publish new content in posts or static pages. These tips will help you know how to make a blog website very quickly.

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