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How to Edit Your Videos for Online Use

How to edit your videos for use in online marketing, How to edit your videosYouTube promotions and branding is something you need to know how to do – and do well – if you want your viewers to keep returning to your website or your YouTube channel. Why is it so important that you edit videos before posting them? There are several reasons.

First, edited videos show your viewers that you care about their viewing experience. Nothing screams shoddy workmanship like a video that you uploaded straight from the card on your camera. Almost every video, no matter how perfectly it was filmed, needs editing of some kind.

How to Edit Your Videos by Trimming

Knowing how to edit your videos involves trimming off unnecessary portions of the file. For instance, let’s say you made a few mistakes in the script while you read it off, and you needed a retake. You should always watch the video in the video editing software so you can make marks for trimming it up. Otherwise, you’re sure to forget which parts need removal.

How do you know which parts to trim? Let’s say you filmed your video all at once and just “winged it” when it came to the script. This works for some people, but others tend to stray from the original topic. You need to cut out any parts that seem to ramble on forever or contain a lot of mistakes.

How to Edit Your Videos with Watermarks

Watermarks are a great way to brand your videos. Knowing proper video editing videos involves learning how to place a watermark on top of your video. In many video editing software types, you can do this in one of two ways.

First, you can put your own logo or image on top of the video. Lighten the opacity to give it more of that “washed out” watermark look than just an image overlay. However, a plain overlay works just fine, too.

Secondly, you can simply add a text overlay. This is ideal if you don’t have or don’t like the look of a graphic. Simply select the text editing tool in the software, draw a rectangular area near the bottom of your video with the mouse, and type your text into this box. Again, you can decrease the opacity to make the text look washed out.

Transitions make a great addition to your skill set of knowing how to edit videos. You probably noticed a lot of awkward cuts between scenes when you took out your mistakes or excess silent periods in your video. You can fix these by adding scene transitions that dissolve one frame into the next, add a rotating cube or slide effortlessly into the next topic.

Want another tip involving how to edit online videos? Use chapter breaks between topics, especially in long videos. Insert a graphic or a plain slide with a color, then use your text tool to label the chapter name and topic. All of a sudden, your video looks ten times more professional!

It might seem like learning online video editing would take a long time. In reality, you don’t need any fancy editing skills or $1000 software to learn how to edit your videos the right way.

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