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How to Create Awesome Whitescreen Videos

In this video I break down and peel back the curtains to show you just how to set up a simple studio to create awesome whitescreen videos.

For those interested. Here are some items from Amazon to create the same base studio:

2 x 500 LED Video Light Bank

Shotgun Mic

Low cost equivilant to KinoFlo Light

White Background Photography Paper

Background Frame

No affiliate links but I know people will ask…

Got any comments or questions? Well, feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below!

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  1. Gabriella Lengyel

    It lookes awesome clean with this whitescreen video equipment, I mean not too huge and complicated machinery. The more difficult part making a video take, in my opinion, is the appearance and the speech of the person who does the participation. Of course, it’s practicable with a little bit of training of voice and to speak clean and not to fast! (Some people bubble on video and is very difficult to understand). They should have pay attention f ex to you who speaks just right.
    Best Regards

    • Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed this video. The main thing for the video content is practice. Practice with your self, practice what you are going to say and do as many takes as you need. It’s easy to cut together the right mix and edit out what you don’t want. I may do a video on editing videos and where and how to cut. Also, one day, I may cut together a blooper reel… Then you can see what happens off camera 😉

  2. Great job, Sean. Love the simple setup. I have used green screen fabric in the past, but I’m really digging the white paper background of your vid.

  3. Also, what video cameras are you using?

  4. Great tips for the video setup. I like to see what people use for their videos. Your sound sounds great too!

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