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How to Create a Fail-Proof Social Media Strategy


You may never be an expert in the workings of social media, it is ever-changing. With every blink of an eye here pops up some new platform and everyone is ranting about the newest webdesign  trend. There is just no way to have it all figured out, at least not for long.

However, it isn’t as complicated as you may think, you don’t need the brain of a rocket scientist. But you do need to be willing to experiment, analyze results and repeat. You will never stop learning, you just keep adapting.

How to Begin Your Journey

At this point in time, everyone sees the great potential, but some may be unsure about how to proceed. To get your fail-proof social media strategy in action, start by following these easy steps:

  • Get to Know Your Customers

You can’t even start planning a strategy until you have determined who is your ideal audience. Identify the right people to target and learn how they occupy their time online. Not everyone engages on the same social media platforms, they don’t all work for everyone. Different needs must be met. It is useful to set up a research survey or simply ask current customers which social media networks they use the most.

  • Set Specific Goals and Initiate the Plan

Planning comes first before all else. Start with some concrete figures like actual sales or how many posts you plan to commit to every month. Regardless, write it down and hold yourself accountable. Goal-setting worksheets allow you to map out and break down the big picture.

Once your set goals are in place, it is time to brainstorm. Throw your ideas out on the table and develop a content calendar. Review each item individually and in further detail. A social media checklist is a helpful tool for use on both a daily and monthly basis.

  • Start with Baby Steps

In this business, the process is more like a marathon, not a sprint. You must maintain steam to keep it going. Start small by tackling one step at a time, consistently. Once you do each task well, you will add on more. There is no point to trying to do all or nothing, that approach will most likely lead to failure.

  • Delegate Work as Needed

Business owners know that to meet demands and remain in control of the company they built, particularly in the public eye, it is often wise to delegate the load. It is okay to hand off the necessary and time-consuming task of online marketing to a team member or hire an outside strategist.

  • Get the Process Moving

Once you have devised your social media strategy, have a system in place to keep it running smoothly. There are many tools available to make daily rituals flows easier. Find a regular routine that will work well for your business.

  • Track Your Results

Keeping track of your results is just as important as setting goals. You must know what is working for you and what needs to change. Social media platforms offer built-in analytics tools that are easy to use. Google Analytics can help you manage referrals.

  • Be Patient

Understand that although cliché, the adage still holds true, good things come to those who wait. People probably won’t show up overnight. To get everything just right, you need to put in quite a bit of work with lots of trial and error, constant tweaking, and repeating steps. Sometimes the very thing that is missing in your strategy is time.

Don’t Over-Complicate Things

Now that you know how to set up a laid-out plan, here is what you can do to get your social media strategy rolling right now.

  1. Be in The Game Consistently

Nothing else matters more. You can’t post once a week and expect to obtain success on social media. You need to post every day and keep your audience engaged. You should post often enough that your audience doesn’t forget you, but not so much that you become a nuisance. This is where the two posts a day standard comes into play. Connect with them a few times

  1. Create A Sense of Community

It is natural for people to want to be a part of something. Therefore, it is important to incorporate a sense of community in your strategy. Do you make your customers feel important they are after their first purchase? Are you creating ways for satisfied buyers and potential prospects to interact with one another?

You can set up a Facebook group and invite fans to discuss your products and services. Social media users like to get together and chat with like-minded consumers on topics of interest just like they would in person. Come up with ideas to boost this kind of engagement on your feed. Post thought-provoking polls or questions. Try to get customers to consult with each other. Put the spotlight on the most interesting and useful dialogues. Always think outside of the box.

  1. Show Them Why You Rock

This can be a tough one for many brands. They may be skilled at providing an attractive and engaging feed, build a strong sense of community and present themselves as relevant and relatable, but they forget they are running an actual business. The bottom line is you are a company that exchanges money for goods or services. Don’t forget to bring up information about your business. This step is very important, you don’t see huge corporations like Coca-Cola or Apple neglecting to push the business aspect. They are launching products, posting current promotions and showing off what they want consumers to buy.

Final Word

It is not a misstep if you discuss your product or service more than once. You are not being conniving or shady, you are telling people what you are all about, why they are important to you, why they need what you have and how you can help.

Tell them why you rock. Don’t overthinking anything, present the truth and create a fail-proof social media strategy.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for social media that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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