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How to Avoid Being a One Hit Wonder IM’er

If you were around as an internet marketer – or even as an internet marketing onlooker – several years ago, you probably witnessed many of the so-called “one hit wonder” internet marketing gurus. Squeeze pages, landing pages and fly-by-night sites popped up out of the blue and flooded the internet from all directions as fads like acai berry for weight loss and miracle whiteners for teeth hit the market, especially in the realm of cost per action offers.

If you were an internet marketer back then, you might have even gotten on the bandwagon yourself. After all, some of those programs did end up being quite lucrative. There’s no shame in admitting to having participated in those programs, but after a while, they died off, and many internet marketers got their sites wiped off the face of the internet due to Google taking down their AdWords accounts and banning their sites from the search engines.

Avoiding the One Hit Wonder Syndrome Online

You might be wondering why I’m dredging up things from the past like this. If for no other reason than to learn from the mistakes of those who might be predecessors to you, it’s good to see where internet marketing has been AND where it probably WON’T be ever again, if Google has anything to do with it.

However, there are other lessons to be learned here. The first, and probably most important one, is the whole idea of not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Internet marketers back in the day would pour all of their money and efforts into one or two sites like these that were just begging for a Google slap. Then, when their accounts were terminated and their sites banned on search engines, they had to start back at square one. How very frustrating!

The sad thing is, few of them really knew better. Perhaps they didn’t read up on search engine trends or didn’t really intend on having their internet marketing income as their main stream of income. But whatever the case, there were things they could have done to make the outcome a little less tragic and the journey a bit more productive.

Here is my advice to you: if you want to set up a website solely for the purpose of a cost per action affiliate program, that’s all fine and good. However, you need to read up on how well it is performing and how Google treats sites like that before investing too much time, money and effort into it, or you’ll just recreate the same mistakes as your “forefathers.”

Secondly, I highly recommend that at the same time, you work on a flagship website that is less likely to get slapped or banned. By this, I mean a website that you intend to keep up for a long time, continually maintain and one that is not built around a fad or cost per action offer.


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  1. Yes I agree with you Sean, in fact I’m exactly doing what you tell about in the last part, having one website with my brand that I’ll keep forever…

    Because of all my hard work on my website this year putting in a lot of hours I now have a high domain authority and page authority and that in turn really helps to get ranked in the organic search results…

    But there’s one thing in particular that is making a big difference in my case and that’s adding the functionality to register members to my website in combination with your RapidMailer software I really believe that this will get me to the next level and start earning a lot more…

    it’s also helping to get rid of all the spammers, my Akismet spam counter hasn’t gone up since I changed that people can only comment if they have an account and they need to login now to write their comments.

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