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Holy Niche Hunting! Find a Niche in Under 60 Seconds

StopwatchThe worst thing any new internet marketer will ever face is the blank-page feeling when it comes time to build your first site – and you haven’t got a CLUE what niche to attack. Sure, every guide always throws together a quick ‘niche hunting’ step by step for good measure, but how do you find the main niche?

What usually happens, is you will read a guide that tells you how to build quick autoblogs for example, and at the end, or in the step by step for niche hunting, they will say – “…now look at the most popular niches, and drill down to a long tail keyword”. Something like that.

Well, how do you come up with the main niche, without it being already over-run with Google Sniper or Clickbump sites? The truth is, you can’t. However, that being said, you don’t necessarily have to worry about those niche sites – only the good ones, who will plug away at backlinks and authority blog posts for pagerank link juice etc. There’s plenty of room for everyone in a niche if you hit the right keyword, and your competition isn’t all professional web developers.

Here is a quick ninja trick that works 99.9% of the time, and will give you a niche in under a minute.

http://www.nsspy.org looks at all the new registrations at the various hosts. You will find Hostgator, Yahoo.com – you name it. When you visit the site on the main URL above, you will see today’s listed domain registrations. We won’t be using this. We will be looking at sites that are a month old (so we see developed sites, and not brand new registrations). To do this, you simply type the following into your browser:


Now, change the “–xx-xx” to your chosen date – A MONTH in the past. So here we would have

http://www.nsspy.org/archive/hostgator.com/2010-06-26/1.html which is 26th June 2010.

The best thing to do now, is scroll down the page, and pick out domains that are about 2 or 3 keywords in length, ending in .org, .net or .com

Example: carallumaburnreviews DOT org > This is a three word keyphrase about Caralluma Burn, a natural solution to reduce your appetite. The product has a free trial and is a CPA network product.

Do a quick check on Google Adwords keyword tool, and you will also find that it gets quite a few searches per month, and is ideal for an affiliate review site. You can do a quick search on Allintitle and Allinurl to reveal the actual competition.

This should save you some real time, and have you finding hundreds of niches very fast!


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