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Holiday Season Cash-In

This is more of a reminder than a tip – if you haven’t started planning your seasonal marketing campaign, then you xmas_marketingshould get on it NOW!

Around the corner, millions of consumers will be hitting their bank accounts in the hope of happiness in the holiday season. In this era, we are of course obliged to go where the market takes us, and Christmas can be a very lucrative time of year for us all.

Not least for the marketing guys who are selling us Coca Cola from Santa in a Winter Wonderland, or the department stores with their advertisements on television that are enough to give you toothache… but even for the little guy, or the budding eBook writer, the holiday season can earn you a good end of year bonus.

Let’s take a case study or two, and see how your online business can fit in. Let us take the eBook marketers for a minute. These guys are selling eBooks all year long. Why would the holiday season be any different fro them? You would have to assume that being Christmas, people are a little strapped for cash, and wouldn’t want to buy another eBook. Well, in the experience of most savvy marketers, you will find that the opposite is true. At Christmas, people are looking for any way to make extra money. We find that if we offer a person a way out – a lifeline – they take it. Unfortunately, as with most industries, there are the small minority who prey on this type of person, and this spoils the whole pot for the rest of us.

Another great case study are the online retailers. These guys are of course hitting the ground running every year, with super affiliates uploading fresh seasonal banners and sending traffic pounding through the virtual store doors. You can of course ensure you get your cut, by getting yourself an account with an affiliate management company, and having some seasonal brands & products on your site. What if you are in the dumpster hire business? Well, people in the dumpster hiring niche celebrate the holiday season too, right? Don’t disregard the holidays without at least trying, this year…

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