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Hidden Secrets of Good Business – And They’re Not What You Would Expect

Your email inbox probably gets flooded daily with newsletters promising to give you that “one secret” you need to know to sell to your audience. Of course, that secret varies widely across the board depending on whose newsletters you read. But their solution to your “problem” is usually always the same… buy THEIR product, and you’ll get the answer!

Well, the secrets I am about to share with you are not going to instantly make you $367,000 in a month, nor will they lead you into buying another “hope in a box” product. But they WILL make you rethink some of your current selling strategies. And hopefully, if you find flaws, you’ll be inspired to fix them.

How Honest is Your Selling Strategy?

One of the most overlooked secrets to good business is keeping your moral system in line with your sales strategy. You might not realize it, but misleading copy, lack of satisfaction guarantees on your product, and a missing “about” page on your website all add up to making people feel like they can’t trust you enough to buy your product.

Perhaps you’ve hired all the right people to draw up testimonials, make product videos and design a snazzy website. Maybe you’ve even spent the blood, sweat and tears to do it all yourself. But unless you mix some good morals in there with it, it won’t do you a lick of good.

Sure, you might fly under the radar for a while and make a quick buck. History is filled with these types of salespeople, which is partially why they get a bad rap. But eventually, the scheme is unfolded for all to see, and then the gig’s up. That’s why it is far better to start out honestly than with shady, vague or misleading marketing strategies.

So what are some examples of immoral selling points? Perhaps you hired actors to make testimonial videos and labeled them as actual users on your website. That’s a flat-out lie! If your product isn’t good enough that you can’t have actual users at least write a few words about how well they liked what you’re selling, then perhaps you shouldn’t be selling it.

Another example is where you have someone sign up for a service and hide the fact that you’ll be billing them monthly. That’s not only dishonest, it smears your business’s reputation. And your reputation should mean everything to you!

So the secret you need to remember to good business is to work everything through honesty and integrity, in addition to treating your customers the way you want to be treated! These sound like platitudes, but as I showed in the examples, they play a big part in how you run your business. People want to trust the person they’re buying from, and if they can’t, then you’re out of business! And you’ve come too far for THAT to happen.



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