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group_postsWithout doubt, some of the most popular posts on this blog are the ones where I tell you how to get content, either for free, or next to free.

If something costs you time, and delivers more than 300 words of content for 10 minutes effort, this is great value, and can prove to be very worthwhile in the long run.

The main issue bloggers have, is filling their site with content on a regular basis. Sure, we all have moments of inspiration, and are able to put together a blog post when we have something in our mind at that time – but on a day to day basis, its hard to fit in.

Nobody said it would be easy – but there are certainly ways you can master this process, and at least fill your blog with weekly content.

A great way to get a lot of content very quickly, that you can use either through the week, or spread over a month, is by group blogging. ProBlogger has this down to a fine art. Darren Rowse used to host group blog posts, where he would invite authors to chip in with short paragraphs of content, which all came under one topic. What happens is, you have ten people writing 50 – 100 words each, and you then end up with a lot of content you can turn into a series, or just one very big post.

The best way to do this, is to ask amateur bloggers, and maybe the odd professional blogger. This way, you are not waiting days for a reply, to see if they can actually fit it into their schedule. Contact bloggers who have just got started. You can find these by searching Google, using advanced search:


Replace “internet marketing” with the subject you are looking for. You can try other terms other than “our new blog” too.

Contact these new webmasters, and ask them if they’d like to get some coverage for their new blog. They will of course jump at the chance. If you allow them one link per 300 words, you could end up with a lot of content for nothing. Tell each person they will be part of a group post with some fellow bloggers. This makes them feel like they are part of something, and works well.

Always check their content before asking them to guest post on your blog. For one thing, they may not even be very good at content writing, so you may need to edit the text when they send it over. Another reason is, they may be promoting a very similar product to yours.

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