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Great Ways to Improve Your Email Blasts

If you consider it drudgery to sit down and write an email to blast out to your email list, believe me, it will show. No matter how good you are (or how good you THINK you are), your readers will be able to tell when your heart just isn’t in it anymore. That’s why it’s important to mix things up a bit. It’s not just for the sake of your readers, but for your own sake as well.

Email newsletters are sometimes written much like their name implies… like a letter. Other email blasts are scarcely different than articles. They average around 700 words, contain some links to products and perhaps feature an image or two – if the author is that creative.

My point? Email blasts just aren’t rocket science. So changing them up a little to keep your own interest and the interest of your readers shouldn’t be too challenging.

Stir Things Up a Bit

You just read about two types of email blasts you could send out. Odds are that you already use one of them – or one like them – every time as it is. So why not switch things around and try the other template style? If you usually rely on your own creativity to write the article for the blast, give your creative juices a break and write a personalized letter to your list. They’ll probably appreciate it.

If you’re always writing personalized letters, give your “personal” side a break and write a how-to guide or a tip of the week. It doesn’t even have to be 600 words long… after all, you’re not trying to impress any search engines here. You just want your audience to open the letter, read it, click on any links you put in it, and buy whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

I’m not saying this to just give you more tips on how to make your audience buy even more from you (although that IS kind of the reason you’re able to work online, right?), but for you to hopefully build more of a bond with your audience at the same time.

Augment Your Headlines

Nobody wants to open an email that looks like spam. Headlines like “How to Make $2,000 in One Hour” is probably going to land in the spam folder, despite that your address is already whitelisted in their address books. If it happens to get past the spam filter, it probably won’t make it past the human filters of your audience when they go to open their emails.

Instead, write a headline about “My Top Secret Selling Tip That Will Increase Sales Immediately” or something to that effect. It looks a lot less spammy – and a lot MORE helpful. And don’t forget that whatever you promise in the headline SHOULD be delivered in the body of the email, or your email blast service will receive complaints.



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