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Good Niche or GREAT Niche?

Ask anyone to name three niches really quickly, and they will say the usual suspects; weight loss, acne and dating. crane_hire

Maybe they will name a few others, but you know the drill. When any new internet marketer comes into the affray, they begin asking questions like “shall I get into debt consolidation, it is a really big profitable niche…” and then the inevitable answers are “no… stay away from these big, huge niches – go for something smaller instead,”.

Well, we’ve been giving this advice for some time, but do we ever stop and think about the huge niches out there that are not being capitalized upon?

Let’s instead stop thinking about niches. Let’s think about services and products that you would have to shell out thousands of dollars for. Maybe even a few hundred dollars. Instead of chasing a debt management and loan niche round the money tree, you could stop and think about the similar money earners for companies. Let’s say a loan company pays out $30 a lead on loan application forms which are filled in by your visitors.

You are converting maybe three of these a week, and making a cool $90 per week. Life is good. Except… it could get better. With an Adsense driven site, or in a niche like crane hire for example. Type “crane hire” into Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you will be astounded at the number of open niches here. “portable gantry crane” weighs in with about a $6.00 estimated click value alone. This may not seem a lot to most Adsense marketers, but high ticket items like crane hire etc. really do get searches, and most of all they get clicks.

This is mainly due to the fact that people tend to shop around a little when hiring things – but this is just one niche. Site in the city and look around you in shop windows at the $1000+ ticket items that you could take a gamble on. To rank in crane hire niches, you’d need to do little SEO, and this would be a residual income. Besides this – it’s not uncommon for companies to approach niche webmasters and ask if they’d like to sell their page one website. There’s an intrinsic value to ranking on Google page one, which cannot be denied.

Seriously, have a think about the high ticket items right now –and check for yourself…

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