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Giving it Away…


giveawaysGiveaways are a vastly overlooked way to generate traffic from future clients, and are very easy to set up.

The very best way to do this, as most marketers have found, is on Twitter and Facebook.

For this article, we will look at Facebook, because it seems to be the most rapidly growing area of marketing for IMers today, and is a hot topic debated on most forums.

Facebook provides a serious armory for those looking at marketing to a wider customer base, and retaining an already interested group of individuals. The best way to get your message out to people is by adding them as a friend, and then inviting them to Events. Events do not have to be seminars, meetings or anything similar. They can be something as simple as an eBook launch, or a giveaway. Once you decide what event you are launching, you only need a normal Facebook account to proceed.

You can create events quite easily by clicking Events in the left sidebar, and then click Create an event. You want to make it open to everyone in your friends list and beyond, and ask that people RSVP. The thing with marketing using Facebook events, is that people may RSVP, and not actually turn up. Even thought they have your best interests at heart, they could just RSVP out of loyalty, and not actually be able to ‘attend’ the virtual event. To get round this, add an autoresponder page using Aweber to your site. Anyone who wants the free stuff must sign up.

The actual event they attend will be up to you. If you are giving away an eBook or some providing a massive discount on marketing tips for example, then you will need to deliver this on the day of your event, to all those who signed up. Ask that people actively review the content on your site – and for this, all you need to do is set up a blog post, or similar, that people can comment on. This is a simple event creation project, and it will only take around an hour to set up. I look forward to my invites!


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