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Getting Your Site Indexed in Google in Under 24 Hours

jigsawMWhen you are starting with a new domain or business online you do not have the benefit of having an aged domain name. Search engines look at older sites with a different eye than new sites.

New sites are treated with suspicion by search engines like Google and may potentially end up sandboxed (a theoretical blackhole that new sites may go into within the Google index.)

It used to be the case that it would take weeks to get your homepage indexed within Google (which has an 80% market share by some estimates) but here are a few tips to beat the clock and get your site indexed almost immediately, in some cases within just a few hours and expedite the ranking process.

1. Do Not use “Under Construction Pages” but Give them Some Content

Your first step should be to give the search engines a preview of what your site is about. Many webmasters create a “Under Construction Page” and build the site hidden. However, if you create 3-5 pages of basic content targeting the base keywords you want to target. Create a home page and link to these individual pages from that primary page so that you give yourself a massive head start with the search engines as they come to view your site.

2. Start Tagging with Digg, Delicious and other Social Bookmarking Sites

Google and other search engines love social bookmarking sites and are continuously spidering these sites, if they find your site bookmarked here, they naturally go explore your site. I have had sites listed in as little as 2 hours using this technique alone. Just create profiles under different names and tag your site with the keywords you want to be found under and common words relative to your website.

3. Leave Comments on Popular Blogs With Your Link

Find 5-10 blogs that are popular and relative to your industry and leave a link back to your website. I used a program called “Fast Blog Finder” which is an amazing tool that you can get for free (there is a higher powered paid version) that can help you find popular, targeted blogs that allow “dofollow” links back to you. Make sure your comment is of value to the post. Read it, comment accordingly and don’t spam. Create a Sitemap.org compatible then ping it to Google with the following URL:


Just replace the path site.com with your own domain name. There are many ways you can create a sitemap of your site. Many blogs, CMS and ecommerce stores have ways to do this or you can use an online tool like “Google Sitemap Generator” to create one.

4. Put Google to Work – Webmaster Central

Now go create a Google account if you do not have one and sign up for “Webmaster Central” and add your site and sitemap to the service.

5. Google Analytics

Finally, go sign up for Google Analytics which is a free service for tracking traffic to your website. You will need to verify your site with a simple metatag and one you have the code in place, Google will be able to start collecting traffic data. With all these steps completed you can give yourself a massive head start with the Search engines even while you are building your website and get your site indexed very quickly indeed. While I cannot guarantee you will be indexed in 24 hours you will see a massive reduction in the time to get indexed. Keep an eye on Google Analyitics to see when the Google Bot arrives on your site (and other bots as well) then go see if you can see your site in their index with the following search: site:yourdomain.com

Your All Set to Get Indexed!

One final note, with the 5 page content method I mentioned at the start of this article instead of the usual “Under Construction” page you can start your link building promotion before you even launch and that can give you a massive boost to your initial rankings. However, do this slowly over time as Google will slap a new site with 1000s of sudden links.

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  1. Mahmoud Hamad Elneel

    Very good info , thank you Sean , i just started to apply your ideas to my new website

  2. hi nice information on your site, can u help me indexed my site http://www.plaindrug.com/.

  3. Very good info. Thanks a ton. Hope to see my website indexed following these tips.

  4. Could you please give example of how to do this. It seems to be unclear for me.

    2. Start Tagging with Digg, Delicious and other Social Bookmarking Sites

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  5. Good Article Thanks I need some help though, my website http://www.heritagetracing.co.za is not being indexed I have tried everything from adding it to Alexa, Digg, feedburners I have written articles that link to my site, I have links in Facebook and Twitter and I have submitted with google submitted my sitemap, fethed as google I really don't know what to do anymore. Please help.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about how often Google crawls your site. It was stated before, but make sure your sitemap is up-to-date. My site is crawled once every 10 days, and yet the content still comes up in Google search.

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