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Getting Out of the Mud – Moving Forward and Unstuck…

Off roading thrillHave you ever wondered why success seems to come easy to some people and others struggle? It does not matter if you are talking about life, business or a specific area of business like marketing.

Well, I am going to share one of the core strategies that will help you in EVERYTHING you do. I will be honest. I learned this the hard way, from constantly struggling and trying to get any real forward momentum in both my life and business. Sometimes it just feels like you are driving through a swamp and all you do is spin your wheels and send mud flying in all directions. I got tired of getting ZERO traction whatsoever and knowing that all the effort I was putting in was getting me nowhere.

These days I hear from many people that they are in exactly the same position. It can be frustrating, wear you down and crush any spirit you had to move forward.

Ok, so that’s the problem. What is the solution? For many people they have that FAST burst of energy and enthusiasm when they first start and then when they see no progress just sit there in the mud and wonder “Ok? What now?” and give up.

First Truth: Giving up gets you nowhere, but roots you down in place, just sinking deeper into the mud. Not a good plan!

Here is the thing, it is very easy to give up. We get bombarded with products and “ideas” every day from other people trying to sell us the latest “wizzbang” product that have FANTASTIC promises of “easy riches.” If you just press this button, $100 bills will fly out of your monitor magically!

The problem is that the path to easy wealth is a swamp designed to get you bogged up to your eyeballs. Then they sell you the “Magic Solution” to get you out of the mud that just leads you further into the mud.

Even if we give up on that course and get back to the start, we are then tempted with another “easy path” product or opportunity that puts us right back in the mud… and we wonder why?

Like I say, I used to be very guilty of doing this exact same thing until I realized one very critical point…

It’s far better to know where you want to go and find the path that everyone else used to get there.

The problem is that shortcuts are very tempting. There is a huge difference between something that could potentially save time and effort versus something that will distract you from your destination. When it comes to shortcuts, common sense often flies out the window and lands facedown in the mud we are trying to avoid!

When I speak on stage or host bootcamps with students I always advise to know your destination, where you want to be and what you want to have achieved by the time you get there. That plan does not include ANY distractions and takes constant effort and vigilance. Even if that trip happens at a snail’s pace, as long as you are on the right path and have CONSTANT forward momentum, then you are eventually going to get where you want to be.

Unfortunately, many people have no idea where they want to be so they end up going off in all sorts of unproductive directions and end up having to start from scratch every time. So, deciding on your destination is the first step.

The question you have to ask yourself is, are you going to stay trying to drive through the swamp or decide once and for all that you know where you are going to go and that you will find firmer road and make constant progress towards that destination?

Let me know your thoughts and comments, I would love to hear from you on this…

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  1. Planning is something anyone should do before going on any venture, sometimes our plans don’t go the way we’d thought they would thats when you need to improvise and find solutions to certain problems on the way. Great post!

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